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Selita Ebanks Brings Her Bra Out to Fight of the Day

Her name is Selita Ebanks and she’s one of the less popular Victoria’s Secret angels. I’ve never really heard of her but then again my wife doesn’t get the catalog because she’s too damn fat to rock any of their goods and that’s why I hate fucking her.

Here she is hosting some event opening of some Fight Week. I guess some of these Victoria’s Secret models take on shitty jobs hosting parties and opening of events because it helps pay the bills or some shit, and it reminds me of this time I met a hot chick who told me she was a model then a week later rolled through some convention randomly and she was handing out condoms, and a few months later saw the same girl handing out Toilet Paper samples at the Grocery Store because I guess editorial work wasn’t too fruitful, but the convenience of her new job was that if she wanted fruit, she just had to roll a couple aisles over.

Either way, Selita is lookin good in a see through shirt and we can see her bra, something you’d think wouldn’t be too exciting on some bitch who is always in lingerie, but as a pervert, I take what I can get as often as I can get it and rarely get bored, even when shit’s been played the fuck out and she’s not showing nipple or shoving things in her ass on all fours.

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