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Selita Ebanks Showing Off Her Model Tits of the Day

There’s nothing like seeing a seeing a Victoria’s Secret model showing off her tits in her everyday life, oh wait there is and it’s when they show off their whole bodies when they are half naked at working. Seeing her walking around reminds me of seeing a stripper in her everyday clothes. Sure, her ass looks good in her spandex pants and I know she’s a whore, but I’d rather just wait to see her a few hours later spreading her pussy on stage…if you know what I mean….but I guess these tits did make her a lot of money and took her out of the porjects and should be celebrated even though everytime she eats at a fancy restaurant or lives the good life, she is pretty much celebrating the shit…either way, here they are.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Selita Ebanks Shows Off Tit at a Fashion Show of the Day

I’ve wanted to get with a black girl for as long as I can remember. Not an Aunt Jamima Ghetto girl who can beat the fuck out of me and steal my wallet, but a nice wholesome black girl, who is a lot more like a white girl with a tan, than a black chick in line at the fried chicken stand, you know one who is educated from money or adopted by white people, who doesn’t have a thick disgusting ass, five babies in line at Wal Mart and and a bad weave. You know one who smells like roses and who still knows how to shake her shit like she’s at some dancehall party simulating sex half naked or back in Africa running away from men with Aids trying to rape her.

I never seem to find what I am lookin for, but that’s cuz I only meet girls at the stripclub, and those black girls are usually pretty fuckin’ ghetto, but Selita Ebanks is more what I am lookin for.

From the Archives…..

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Victoria’s Secret Models Promote Valentine’s Day of the Day

< Valentine's Day is my favorite time of year....to dump whoever I am dating at the time. Not that that is a real issue right now because I am married and bitch pays my rent and shit so I can't really walk away otherwise I would end up back on the street because working isn't for me...so I have to suck it up and make a card out of construction paper like I did back in grade school and I have to write out shitty poetry professing my love that I don't really feel but the lie helps me get through another year while remembering a time whenever Valentine's Day rolled around I'd end whatever I had going one with whoever I had it going on with, even if it was just with a regular hooker, just because I thought it was a funny thing to do and funny makes life more fun.... So girls get all worked up wanting gifts and love and dinners and perfumes and lingerie and chocolate to make them feel beautiful and appreciated for the day...to make them feel appreciated for giving you the honor to enter their sacred pussies, a pussy so sacred that they'd let any random dude they meet at the bar up in it for the night to feel wanted and all that fucker has to deal with is buying her a couple drinks and maybe cleaning up her puke after he'd done and doesn't have to put up with all the day to day shit that you do.... Either way, Victoria's Secret knows that they are designed around the perfect Valentine's Day gifts and here they are with their models Selita Ebanks, Izabel Goulart and Karolina Kurkove trying to milk it more than they already have since it's pretty much the foundation of what they do...I don't know if that made sense, but it did to me and I guess that's all that really matters since writing this site is pretty much the same thing as talking to myself and that's because no one reads this shit and I don't really blame them. Cuddles.

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Selita Ebanks Brings Her Bra Out to Fight of the Day

Her name is Selita Ebanks and she’s one of the less popular Victoria’s Secret angels. I’ve never really heard of her but then again my wife doesn’t get the catalog because she’s too damn fat to rock any of their goods and that’s why I hate fucking her.

Here she is hosting some event opening of some Fight Week. I guess some of these Victoria’s Secret models take on shitty jobs hosting parties and opening of events because it helps pay the bills or some shit, and it reminds me of this time I met a hot chick who told me she was a model then a week later rolled through some convention randomly and she was handing out condoms, and a few months later saw the same girl handing out Toilet Paper samples at the Grocery Store because I guess editorial work wasn’t too fruitful, but the convenience of her new job was that if she wanted fruit, she just had to roll a couple aisles over.

Either way, Selita is lookin good in a see through shirt and we can see her bra, something you’d think wouldn’t be too exciting on some bitch who is always in lingerie, but as a pervert, I take what I can get as often as I can get it and rarely get bored, even when shit’s been played the fuck out and she’s not showing nipple or shoving things in her ass on all fours.

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