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India Doesn’t Like Valentine’s Day of the Day

I guess I am not the only one who thinks Valentine’s Day is a fucking scam. Not to say I’m not a romantic, everyday is Valentine’s Day in my house, like just this past weekend I totally staged a fight with my wife that ended with her tied to a chair with access to four bags of chips and went on a 36 hour bended to try to take advantage of horny, sad, lonely, insecure girls by swooning them with flowers, candy and stuffed toys I got at the Salvation. It obviously didn’t work out for me, but at least I didn’t have to deal with my cunt wife and her heavy breathing that sounds like she’s choking on her chin.

She was pretty mad when I got home, but not as mad as I was when I had to clean up the shit and piss mess she left from soiling herself because I didn’t think through the whole bathroom situation when I left her.

I’m just joking, I didn’t do that, I just ignored her and didn’t answer her calls, but there’s no fun in that, since romance is all about kidnapping and abandoning.

Either way, this video is of some girl getting beat by cops for celebrating Valentine’s Day, a policy I suggest we instill in North America as it will prevent a lot of people from hating themselves and a lot of guys from having to pretend they love the bitch they have a prison sentence with.

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Victoria’s Secret Models Promote Valentine’s Day of the Day

< Valentine's Day is my favorite time of year....to dump whoever I am dating at the time. Not that that is a real issue right now because I am married and bitch pays my rent and shit so I can't really walk away otherwise I would end up back on the street because working isn't for me...so I have to suck it up and make a card out of construction paper like I did back in grade school and I have to write out shitty poetry professing my love that I don't really feel but the lie helps me get through another year while remembering a time whenever Valentine's Day rolled around I'd end whatever I had going one with whoever I had it going on with, even if it was just with a regular hooker, just because I thought it was a funny thing to do and funny makes life more fun.... So girls get all worked up wanting gifts and love and dinners and perfumes and lingerie and chocolate to make them feel beautiful and appreciated for the day...to make them feel appreciated for giving you the honor to enter their sacred pussies, a pussy so sacred that they'd let any random dude they meet at the bar up in it for the night to feel wanted and all that fucker has to deal with is buying her a couple drinks and maybe cleaning up her puke after he'd done and doesn't have to put up with all the day to day shit that you do.... Either way, Victoria's Secret knows that they are designed around the perfect Valentine's Day gifts and here they are with their models Selita Ebanks, Izabel Goulart and Karolina Kurkove trying to milk it more than they already have since it's pretty much the foundation of what they do...I don't know if that made sense, but it did to me and I guess that's all that really matters since writing this site is pretty much the same thing as talking to myself and that's because no one reads this shit and I don't really blame them. Cuddles.

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