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The Chris Brown Miami Pictures With Some Bikini Ass of the Day

I haven’t really bothered posting on this Chris Brown and Rihanna getting back together bullshit, because it’s obvious and expected and bullshit.

I am not going to go as far as say that this was some kind of publicity stunt, because I don’t really know the details, but I think it probably stems from dude hating the bitch for being a bigger fucking deal than him. But you know how abusive relationships work, at least I know how abusive relationships work, and it seems girls like to be miserable, kept on their toes and pretty much owned. They like having a guy tell them what they can and can’t do and they know that they made motherfucker snap and blame themselves, instead of doing what they should do and get the fuck out because shit is unhealthy.

We are not Rihanna, maybe leaving her poor family at 14 fucked her up and she found family in Brown, maybe she thinks she deserved it, maybe she think dude just glitched and that she needs to forgive him for fucking up, but I do know that girls out there should not take her lead and if anything should boycott her for not being more responsible.

We should also blame Diddy for bringing them together in his Miami home, the police system for not shooting brown and the poverty for making both these people think what they did is alright, bitch should walk the fuck away, because she just saw what dude is capable of and in a few months, when all this is blown over, when his sucking up and apology are a thing of the past, don’t be surprised if this ends up a murder suicide…..

It’s just too bad Rihanna is too weak to be alone, independent and all that shit because she’s got the money and pressure of the world to be smarter than she’s being and I still want to see this Chris Brown punk run the fuck over even if he successfully taught his woman a lesson.

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India Doesn’t Like Valentine’s Day of the Day

I guess I am not the only one who thinks Valentine’s Day is a fucking scam. Not to say I’m not a romantic, everyday is Valentine’s Day in my house, like just this past weekend I totally staged a fight with my wife that ended with her tied to a chair with access to four bags of chips and went on a 36 hour bended to try to take advantage of horny, sad, lonely, insecure girls by swooning them with flowers, candy and stuffed toys I got at the Salvation. It obviously didn’t work out for me, but at least I didn’t have to deal with my cunt wife and her heavy breathing that sounds like she’s choking on her chin.

She was pretty mad when I got home, but not as mad as I was when I had to clean up the shit and piss mess she left from soiling herself because I didn’t think through the whole bathroom situation when I left her.

I’m just joking, I didn’t do that, I just ignored her and didn’t answer her calls, but there’s no fun in that, since romance is all about kidnapping and abandoning.

Either way, this video is of some girl getting beat by cops for celebrating Valentine’s Day, a policy I suggest we instill in North America as it will prevent a lot of people from hating themselves and a lot of guys from having to pretend they love the bitch they have a prison sentence with.

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