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Chris Brown Milks Being an Assertive Boyfriend of the Day

If I was in Chris Brown’s position, I’d be doing the exact same thing, not that I’d be in Chris Brown’s position, partially cuz I don’t beat up girls, or even really care enough to get angry at them, it requires too much work….but also because I’m not black and/or a dancing monkey (no racist)….

I know I was told by some people in Barbados that if Rihanna is a true Bajan (someone from Barbados)…then she most likely beat herself up and called the cops….now I can’t confirm or deny if Bajan women are that insane, I just base shit off what I am told….

I also know that this being beat shit got her so much fucking press, propelled her career to new heights, and even she doesn’t care that Chris Brown beat her up, cuz she wants to marry him and have his babies…

Leading me to think that Chris Brown was in on this with her all along, maybe that he was even getting a % of her sales, like her business partner and this is all one big lie for the media….but who knows..

TMZ reports:

Chris said, “You GOTTA say that one thing to her … Don’t make me have to tell you again, that’s my p***y baby! … so you better not give it away!” Chris rambled on … “So every person in this motherf**king building, if you got a bad bitch you better say that s**t to her, or she might f**k another n***

What I do know is that Chris Brown is loving the attention, and doing songs like this about owning pussy….because if that pussy strays…watch out…cuz his wrath will “chris brown” it…you know since Chris Browning is now considered a verb….

Either way….it’s funny to me…but not to my friends with 10 year old daughters who follow Rihanna and will end up letting their boyfriends beat them to be more like her…

The solution is simple – get her off the radio. Stop going to her shows. It’s up to you to show a battered wife who goes back to her abuser….who’s boss…

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Chris Brown’s New Tattoo of the Day

I am not a Fine Art critic, but luckily Chris Brown’s neck tattoo is not fine art, if anything it is ghetto as shit, and it is obvious that it is a battered woman, because I guess he is trying to come to terms and accept and embrace that dark time of his life, or some other bullshit line, when really it is just a way to get people to talk about him, because this Rihanna beating has been he best thing for his and her career….making you wonder how authentic the whole thing was to begin with even though beating a girl up seems like the most insane publicity stunt of all time….but then you see her KISSING HIM ON THE LIPS AT THE VMAS …. and you figure something’s up with this….Keep it gully.

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Christ Brown Partying with Stripper Ass of the Day

We have learned one thing from Chris Brown….who I like to call Christ Brown because he had the chance to punch Rihanna in the face and took it…while we just say we would punch her in the face if we met her…when really most of us would revert to groupie mode and try to make her our friend…..

Is that everyone is a fucking liar and full of fucking shit…that they all get passionate when he beat the bitch and went off about how evil he is for beating the bitch…but after a couple years girls are instead wishing Chris Brown was beating them….

He’s paved the way for women beaters everywhere….he proves that women beaters can be the icons they are meant to be….he proves that women beating is part of our heritage and at our core both men and women know that is what we’re supposed to do….it’s just social formalities and laws prevent us from doing it….all oppressive……that or the public collectively hates Rihanna too and think he’s some kind of war hero for taking one for the team…

Who cares….he’s into dumpy women….whether he beats them or not….groupie women would let him beat them…he’s still money making and award winning….and bringing this stripper back to his hotel room for an after party…he’s got it all figured out.


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Chris Brown Still Gets Pussy of the Day

Let this be a lesson to you….if you beat a bitch down, it will not follow you around forever, because there will always be an insecure bitch dumb enough to believe you’ve changed and that you’d never do it to them, but even more importantly, there are fucked up girls who expect that from their man cuz they know their role.

Not that you should care about Chris Brown in any way, other than maybe learning how not to beat up your girlfriend, but then again, I don’t think you can get arrested for beating up your computer screen, since that’s the only ass you really get.

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Chris Brown is Trying to Piss Off Rihanna With Her Impersonator of the Day

If you want to piss of your “ex-girlfriend” who you are actually engaged to be married to, depsite the little hick-up you had the night she got you arrested for beating the fuck out of her in some kind of publicity stunt, that has drawn a lot of attention to you guys, but has forced you to not be seen in public together because it’s bad PR, so you figure you might as well milk the shit even harder and play a bigger prank on the public, you should hire your girlfriend’s copycat, lookalike, imposter/impersonater, cuz it’ll get everyone who cares and believe this bullshit stunt talking.

You know a whole… “OMG, Chris Brown had Keri Hilson in his video, Rihanna must be so fuckin’ angry, cuz Keri Hilson is constantly compared to Rihanna and even has short hair, I can’t believe all the drama, this is so amazing, I wish I had a life of my own to focus on, instead I just worry about this meaningless smutty bullshit trash” kinda thing….

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Chris Brown’s Shitty Apology Song to Rihanna of the Day

If your day isn’t shitty enough, here’s a song Chris Brown made for Rihanna to milk the fuck out of the whole beating the fuck out of his girlfriend situation, where motherfucker sounds like he’s been shot in the kneecap and forced to drag himself 60 miles through the desert with no water to safety. I didn’t listen to the words but I do like to celebrate really bad fucking things every once in awhile, especially when I know it is bullshit, because Rihanna and Chris Brown are still together….motherfucker garbage…

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Paparazzi Make a Chris Brown Joke to Jay-Z and Rihanna of the Day

Jay-Z was out with Rihanna having dinner, you know since he has sex with her behind Beyonce’s back, while pretending it is for business, when it’s really because Rihanna is fucking hot and Beyonce’s a fucking cow and the paparazzi got excited. Maybe it has to do with Rihanna being this hot news item, or because they are surprised that someone as ugly as weird lookin’ Jay-Z actually gets pussy even though he is one of the richest black men around, it still always shocks and awes, but whatever the reason was, one of them decided to try to crack some jokes to get some reaction out of him and the joke that made that cut was something about Chris Brown originating Swine Flu. You know some Patient Zero bullshit, it would have been funnier if they surprised him by bringing Beyonce and Chris Brown there to cock block him and go nuts on the motherfucker in some kind of caught in the act shit you’d see on Jerry Springer, but I don’t think the paparazzi have those kinds of connections.

Here’s the Craziness Rihanna Causes and the Same Paparazzi Dropping the Same Joke Cuz I Guess he THought It was a Winner

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