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Paparazzi Make a Chris Brown Joke to Jay-Z and Rihanna of the Day

Jay-Z was out with Rihanna having dinner, you know since he has sex with her behind Beyonce’s back, while pretending it is for business, when it’s really because Rihanna is fucking hot and Beyonce’s a fucking cow and the paparazzi got excited. Maybe it has to do with Rihanna being this hot news item, or because they are surprised that someone as ugly as weird lookin’ Jay-Z actually gets pussy even though he is one of the richest black men around, it still always shocks and awes, but whatever the reason was, one of them decided to try to crack some jokes to get some reaction out of him and the joke that made that cut was something about Chris Brown originating Swine Flu. You know some Patient Zero bullshit, it would have been funnier if they surprised him by bringing Beyonce and Chris Brown there to cock block him and go nuts on the motherfucker in some kind of caught in the act shit you’d see on Jerry Springer, but I don’t think the paparazzi have those kinds of connections.

Here’s the Craziness Rihanna Causes and the Same Paparazzi Dropping the Same Joke Cuz I Guess he THought It was a Winner

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  • HorneyLohanWanker

    That monkey knows how to write his name?

    I was astounded!

  • porch monkey

    You would be surprised what us monkeys know. Like just how much white whores love drinking cum LOL

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    Nigga, everybody knows that, but does everyone know how much yo momma love da fried chicken?

  • Man.. With more than US$500.000 in your pocket do you really need to know “abc”?

  • tittyfucker

    I don’t know why everyone hates Chris Brown but worships that nigger Tupac… and he was charged with raping and beating women. God damn niggers living up to their stereotypes.