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Paparazzi Make a Chris Brown Joke to Jay-Z and Rihanna of the Day

Jay-Z was out with Rihanna having dinner, you know since he has sex with her behind Beyonce’s back, while pretending it is for business, when it’s really because Rihanna is fucking hot and Beyonce’s a fucking cow and the paparazzi got excited. Maybe it has to do with Rihanna being this hot news item, or because they are surprised that someone as ugly as weird lookin’ Jay-Z actually gets pussy even though he is one of the richest black men around, it still always shocks and awes, but whatever the reason was, one of them decided to try to crack some jokes to get some reaction out of him and the joke that made that cut was something about Chris Brown originating Swine Flu. You know some Patient Zero bullshit, it would have been funnier if they surprised him by bringing Beyonce and Chris Brown there to cock block him and go nuts on the motherfucker in some kind of caught in the act shit you’d see on Jerry Springer, but I don’t think the paparazzi have those kinds of connections.

Here’s the Craziness Rihanna Causes and the Same Paparazzi Dropping the Same Joke Cuz I Guess he THought It was a Winner

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Khloe Kardashian Fuckin’ With Jay-Z of the Day

In disgusting rumors, Jay-z is said to be having sex with Khloe Kardashian and here is a video of her denying it.

Everyone knows that when a fat monster of a girl has sex with pretty much anyone, she goes out and buys a billboard saying “Yes! I finally got laid”, I’m talking takes shit to her Facebook and email blasts everyone she knows, holding two thumbs up and some shit, because it happens so fucking rarely, and bitch likes people knowing that someone was willing to get up in her scary monster cunt, I guess that’s what happens when you’re a genetic mistake that leaves straight men confused if fucking her makes them gay, closet case men test the waters.

Then again, Jay-Z probably doesn’t have very high standards I mean, he is with Beyonce and Khloe Kardashian is just and extension of Beyonce’s thighs, you know like if you saw a picture of Beyonce’s thighs, Khloe Kardashian’s face would be what you’d expect them be attached….

I don’t know why I am feeding into this shit, but I am, so watch the video.

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I am – Beyonce and Jay-Z Leaving Somewhere Together of the Day


If I was Jay-Z I would have traded Beyonce in for Rihanna a long time ago, not because she’s more talented, but because she’s younger, hotter and more popular right now, but I am shallow like that. The only reason I’m still with the wife is because she’s pays my rent and doesn’t complain when she walks in on me picking my ass and smelling my finger, one of my many habits that doesn’t seem to turn new chicks on.

I guess what it comes down to is that either Jay-Z and Beyonce have an understanding that he’s allowed to slam young tighter bodied girls on the regular, give them a record deal and make them millions because it’s all part of business, while Beyonce sits at home eating fried chicken and writing shitty love song lyrics for her next album, and they stay together because it’s good for publicity for both of them and that is also part of business, or maybe they are emotionally attached to each other and really love each other because Jay-Z’s got his own money and Beyonce made her own money, so they both know they aren’t using each other for much more than sex and companionship.

Either way, I just analyzed a relationship that looks like it belongs in a zoo, not because I am racist and think black people look like monkeys, but because Jay-Z’s got a funny fucking face that looks like a monkey, and even if he was white and had the same face would look like a monkey, so you can stop your allogations right now.

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