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Khloe Kardashian See Through Outfit of the Day

Khloe Kardashian the monster Khloe Kardashian the one everyone who watches their show likes because she’s apparently funny, as she would have to be, to not be taken out back and shot by the mom because the mom knows she’s not a fucking earner, or that she’s bringing the whole litter down, and that she needs to be removed. You know the kind of narcissist who can’t accept that such a creature crawled out of her womb when she was doing coke with Nicole Brown…off OJs Dick….but figured if she had personality..she could be redeemed…until she was ready to spend 100,000 dollars on surgeries and injections to make her look fuckable…

This is Khloe Kardashian fuckable…looking like every instagram model in an instagram filter…but still fuckable…and I’d say it is magic, but it’s really just modern face injection science all the high school girls are saving up for thanks to this evil family…

Not sure why she’s in a see through outfit, but we can assume it has to do with being shameless whores who want to be naked as often as they can, it’s in their contract with their mom, and more importantly, when you get rebuilt, you know a new new paintjob, you want to show it off…but it’s still TERRIFYING to me.

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Khloe Kardashian Fake Ass of the Day


My homie over at WWTDD posted the above picture of Kim K’s make-up artist double breast feeding her twins with her nasty Kardashian face, a look she created with the family plastic surgeon, and more importantly, her big terrifying tits, and when investigating who this bootleg Kardashian, who has potentially innovated a look so many garbage women are copying, because they want to look like porn chicks….I found this video of Khloe Kardashian, that may have already done the rounds, but that have the weirdest looking ass implants ever….on the monster Kardashian that is no longer a monster thanks to science….you know the OJ love child…and the video – is fucking weird….I had to post it…so I am posting it….

I know, on a day where Debbie Reynolds self destructed because she couldn’t handle her dead daughter…I am posting the birthing or maternal bullshit of another mother, pretending to be some social justice warrior and I’m amazed anyone would knock up, but it was probably an athlete from the ghetto who thinks this is what women are supposed to be….

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Khloe Kardashian for GQ Germany of the Day


Khloe Kardashian proves the Germans and their weird scat fetishes is still a fucking thing….

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian Ass Show for Some Magazine of the Day


Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian compared their broken down faces that have been rebuilt with shitty face fillers – so that they are a living and breathing instagram filter….while more importantly they also compare their lipo suction stomachs and fake asses because that’s just what these low life trashy girls who make a lot of fucking money thanks to being rich, connected, well followed while the industry throws money at them – because they like to chase followers – rather than chase good content – as the world – is all a bunch of whores – and the Kardashians are just the product of that world – the figureheads that more girls imitate rather than lynch like the witches they are…..Garbage fucking people….this is not hot….but middle aged girls playing “hot” instagram hooker…they are fucking muppets…muppets that should be killed off but who are instead worth ruining thanksgiving over.

There are only two pics out now – but there will be more – thanks fame whores for using fame whores to market bullshit – and perpetuate this hell we live…


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Monster Khloe Kardashian in a See Through of the Day


I am a firm believer if you were born a monster, raised a monster, lived a life as a monster, you will forever be a monster, and the plastic surgery….the insane amount of Plastic Surgery that has left her looking like an ethnically ambiguous and bloated faced like Chrissy Teigen…

I guess the only interesting thing about her, other than that she looks like a Kardashian is supposed to look, and thanks to that look, what a lot of fucking chubby women on social media look like, which confuses the fuck out of me, because it looks horrible, badly air brushed…all face filled with shit we hope causes serious side effects as their clown faces get older and older…

She’s in a see through shirt, there’s a nipple on her rebuilt nipple, that proves, if you spend enough on Cosmetic Surgery, you can go through life looking like a FACE TUNE picture…and the good news is black dudes will still fuck you, it’s all she actually cares about…

So I guess she’s trying to live her superficial life and feels it’s her turn…to do the Kylie and the Kim…but the message this sends the kids…that it’s ok to mutate yourself…especially when you’re a mutant…because that own yourself, body positive, love yourself shit…is bullshit..

When you look at these old pics of her, you’ll see how ridiculous this extreme make-over before becoming extreme home makeover due to Disney PR…is…

Here is the new and disgusting porno version of her…

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American Already Declaring War on Cuba of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.35.47 PM

You know the Cubans are like “put back the embargo in place”…

You open the floodgates and you let the fucking trash that they’ve been lucky enough to avoid enter their borders..

It is a total lack of respect by America to allow a Kardashian, especially the monster one, from OJ sperm, who despite all her plastic surgery…is still a monster…basically take a disgusting shit on their country…

They want McDonalds and Heinz ketchup, they don’t fucking want Kardashians…but I guess now that Cuba is the cool, it spot for Americans to go before everyone else can, so you get these rich and famous people in…

As a Canadian, we’ve always been allowed in CuBA, most dudes I know move there for the winter to drink rum and fuck 18 year old hookers…and have for decades…and I guess all that is now ruined…

It is the place all the french trash went because it was 300 dollars for an all inclusive – fight,drinks, food..

You can still get there for 500 bucks, but no one wants to go there..unless you have no choice, or you’re a rich American and you think it’s exclusive.

Either way, I guess you can call this “The Bay of Pigs…The Next Generation”….

Garbage –

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.35.39 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 12.35.57 PM

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Khloe Kardashian vs Photoshop of the Day


What…a Kardashian who has had millions of dollars of Plastic Surgery to not look like OJ’s daughter / a fucking monster…uses a photoshop app on her phone to shape herself into something even more remarkable that she’s become thanks to hard work thanks to her team of people and with nothing else to do to fill out her day…

Everyone is a vapid, superficial cunt…and these people represent that….

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Khloe Kardashian Can’t Fool Me of the Day

Khloe Kardashian New Face

I don’t care what level of expensive surgery a girl gets, or what level of professional make-up artist who probably deserves to be doing gallery shows of their work, because they make these Kardashian monsters look like they are china dolls…but its a wolves in sheep’s clothing…

I don’t care what what I would assume is 1500 dollars a day on hair, 1500 a day on make-up, 10,000 dollars a month on fillers in her face, and 8 hours a day in the gym, to look like this plastic shit…..

It’s not impressive to me to have money to spend on bullshit, genetically she’s a fucking monster, and if she puts this much into her look, she’s clearly got a personality to match…

Anything they do to her….may make her look tolerable for a rapper to jerk off on her…because rappers are into stripper looking girls who are also monsters who look just like this…it’s all over the social media…no thanks to this garbage family..but this is money invested in vapid, fleeting lies….that looking like this is a good thing, that buying your face is a good thing, and that can’t be much of a benefit of society…in both the girls following this lifestyle….and the wasted money that they could put to good use but instead pile up and spend on their asshole trashy new money selves…


Khloe Kardashian New Face2

Khloe Kardashian New Face3

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Khloe Kardashian Showing of the Day


Khloe Kardashian told some media people in her quest to get more and more relevant, despite being old and big…the monster Kardashian…using the most basic, crass and vile strategy her family crafted to create their success…to garner some attention to her…where a handful of black dudes and high testosterone guys who aren’t official gay but aren’t really into girls, the Khloe Kardashian audience, probably got excited…some people get sucked into the fame…while others jerk off to beastiality…and the rest of people who have some taste, even no standards, but aren’t into freakish shit…like animal sex…are collectively thinking “disgusting”…and some think she already had a sex tape – in the Leo Movie, where she played the bear…

Either way, she’s showing her abs…that aren’t abs, but that are liposucked disgusting with her sister…and people care…when they should only care enough to plot a gang lynching, you know murdering them for polluting the world…like they should.

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.55.11 AM

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Khloe Kardashian’s Glitter Ass Disturbs Me of the Day


I bet black guys, on this not so white Christmas, are loving this glittery fat ass implant ass on a very large, random shade of shit colored, clown make-up, large and in charge, Kardashian, who as we all know is probably OJ Simpson’s daughter…

She’s like a horrible, terrifying Christmas ornament no tree is strong enough to support, even if she has the bone structure of something that lives in the trees, or in a cave, or wherever monsters live..

I Don’t really understand why she’s doing these nude shoots, but it is safe to say she’s been working out and wants to play make-belief, like a bootleg Kim K, as the family puts a lot of importance on this behavior…and she’s been too ugly to do this kind of behavior…until now…never too late to get naked…except when you’re Khloe Kardasian, in which case…keep your pants on…

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Khloe Kardashian Monster Has Nipples of the Day




I am sure we all would have expected her to have multiple nipples, to feed her litter of monster babies….

I mean isn’t that what most barnyard animals have, even after you wax them, put a waist trainer on them, fill their faces with fillers and botox, and paint them up like a cartoon that is barely fucking human….

This is a terrible family, that represents terrible things, and there are so many of them…that there needs to be a full scale effort to eliminate them…but I guess this is their security detail, the big one holding down the fort that you have to get through to get in…I’d say poor girl, always teased, but she’s rich because of it, so it’s ok to laugh at her….but unfortunately, this will make you perverts want to fuck her…

That’s exactly what she wants….Bad.

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Khloe Kardashian’s Anus By the Pool of the Day


You have to ask yourself what kind of monster would self produce a picture like this of themselves…and put it out to her fans…asshole first…

Khloe Kardashian saying she’s never old to try to get into the family business of showing her ass and making million for just mooning the world…which would normally be a rude fuck you…but in this case it’s a “give them a tv show, give them a lot of millions of dollars, for each of them, even though they are garbage”…

I can say one of the last things I’ve ever wanted to see is a Khloe Kardashian asshole…and I love asshole…she’s the monster child of OJ Simpson and Kris Kardashian…who no one cared about, but who now works out and assumes people care…but that asshole has seen some shit…literally…more shit than the average asshole…an asshole like a man asshole…probably bleached and lasered by still really fucking terrifying…

You all know as well as I do…these are the worst people and represent all that is wrong in the world….

The ongoing joke is that this is her campaign for L’Oreal…but I guess this could be any Kardashian, even Kanye….


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The Monster Kardashian Update of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 1.30.04 PM

The Kardashians are the fucking worst, we already know that, but there are two standout Kardashians who are the fucking worst, mainly because they are thick, fat and trashy…

I figure Kim is too far gone to really bother hating, she’s just there, the mother is too much of an evil genius to bother hating…you’d do the same thing if you had a litter of weird ethnic children with a tranny….

The hotter older sister who made a dude she used to do coke with rich while not being overly exploitative doesn’t bother me….and the instagram model turned VS model because the world is based on instagram fame…doesn’t bother me because she’s not fat..

But the overrated, doughty, accessible, putting themselves out there aggressively ones…annoy me…and I like being annoyed…because it keeps me motivated…

So Khloe and Kylie..the worst the family has to offer besides Caitlyn, are outletting this “fame” get to their head…thinking they are hot…even thoug they aren’t..

With khloe Working her Booty, or milking her booty, or trying to exploit her booty like it was a husband after a drug overdose in a brothel of the Day

And Kylie Jenner’s Belly, Humping Cara Delevingne, squating girls like a tank and Leg Scar of the Day

That’s enough Kardashian to make me hate society for the day…

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Khloe Kardashian Releases New Book of the Day


The Kardashians are lucky that the majority of America are too tired, over extended and uneducated to understand that what they see on TV is not real, but instead something they can mindlessly believe in because their actual life is garbage, over extended, uneducated….you know with actual problems like barely getting by, living in poverty, having abusive white trash boyfriends and whatever else the “normals” of society who buy into this Kardashian storyline have wrong in their life to make the Kardashians be something they buy into and attach themselves and distract themselves with…

I always just assume the world fucking get it. They know this is all bullshit….

From Stories of Lamar almost dying in a whorehouse in vegas, to the hookers being paid to inject him with Speedballs, all while Khloe and her whore mom ran to his bedside, only to announce they are still married, only to announce she’s realized she loves him and will care for him…in the Soap Opera scamming the housewife at home dramatic curve….

That so conveniently, happened when her book was scheduled to be released…where she talks about relationships…because it’s time for Khloe to have her own storyline…the family feels bad for her for being the monster in the family…

I will state the obvious, when 100s of millions of dollars are involved in ANYTHING, what you see as a public, is not real…it’s all part of a storyline…to keep everything moving forward…but you already know that…

I’m only posting this because it’s just a fucking joke…the Kardashians are getting creative in their stories…from sex tapes to sex changes, to whores and drugs…to cheating…it’s all fucking evil…and people will die in keeping things going for them…because they’ve come so far…and own the fucking media…



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Khloe Kardashian Terrifying Ass, Kendall in the Shower, and Kylie’s New Face of the Day


Khloe Kardashian is on the whore train because she’s a Kardashian, at least in theory and probably not in genetics, her dad is OJ…but they do share the same hooker mom…so she gets it…

She also gets that if you get plastic surgery, people will like you more than they did when you were just the big, scary, black loving because black was the only thing risk taking enough to stick their dick inside her, funny girl…left in what would be their basement to clean up after the hot sisters…

So I guess she’s proud that at 35, she can finally be as close to Kim as she’s always wanted to be, by whoring her ass on the internet…for their app that I can’t imagine people buy…but that people buy…

While she was doing that, Kendall Jenner…was taking pics with top fashion photographers….

and Kylie Jenner on snapchat….showed off her plastic surgery goals…I hate these idiots…

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