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Ashanti is Unemployed & Still Thick of the Day

Ashanti Thickness in Pink Bikini Big TItties

Earlier in the week I confused Ashanti for Aaliyah and I was called a racist by at least one person / the only person who reads this site….

He said “Not all song and dance women of color are the same person”….to which I responded “But I heard all the male actors of color were played by Denzel Washington, can’t the same be true about forgotten R&B singers of the 90s…couldn’t it be an Andy Kaufman / Elvis situation….where aaliyah and Ashanti are the same person”….they still haven’t responded…but I anxiously await..

In the meantime…Ashanti has figured out the complicated dynamic of Instagram…”POST BIKINI PICS”….and she’s doing it..

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Sophie Mudd’s Massive Tits of the Day

Sophie Mudd Massive Tits in A tight pink bra and short skirt

Sophie Mudd is the latest instagram model who has clearly proven something we are all very well aware of…and that is that if you have big natural tits, your chances of succeeding are exponentially higher than your smaller or more modest tit competitors…

Sophie Mudd went viral a few months ago as one of Kanye’s girl…in his Yeezy Campaign, being one of the girls who plays Kim K, because I guess Kanye or his Photographer knew about the tits before the rest of the world did….

And really they are some serious fucking tits, tits I believe are the future, about to hit 1,000,000 followers, ready to take on the pop culture mainstream with her tits, and the whole thing…makes sense to me…

I am sure she’s a pain in the ass…entitled and annoying and only going to get more obnoxious with the instagram as she gets more and more famous like the tits before her, like Kanye’s other girl Rat Cow, but the good news is we can still look at the tits….whether she’s annoying or not…since everyone is annoying….let’s focus on the tits.


Here she is in the Desert..

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Sofia Richie Bikini with Her Babysitter of the Day

Sofia Richie and her rich entitled kid daddy issues, even though she’s the one who was actually from Lionel Richie’s sperm and not found in a dumpster outside one of his concerts and kept like Nicole, is still fucking that party boy, cokehead, rich from being a Kardashian, baby daddy to the future generation of Kardashians, famous from being on the Kardashians…which is probably why she’s into him…it’s good for her career as a lazy trust fund baby with no purpose…

Well, she’s in a bikini, showing off that youthful ass he gets to fuck, because together they live the Jet Set Life…and that’s how things happen when you’re rich….

Everyone who complains about their age difference must be women, because I’ve never met a 25-75 year old man who didn’t want to fuck an 18 year old….ever…in my life…because age differences don’t matter to dudes…it’s just the judgemental women looking on angrily who care…and usually because they hate younger women due to jealousy, even when they pretend to be sisters and feminists and elevating their breed of human…the woman…the vagina and all its flora mystique….because women are the root of all evil..or at least of everything they complain about…

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Bella Throne Wants you to See Her Movie of the Day

Bella Thorne big tits in a tight pink dress

Bella Throne is in a movie where she plays a girl who is allergic to the sun, which I find offensive because they didn’t hire an actual girl who is allergic to the sun, like some Jared Leto playing and winning an Oscar as a Tranny, instead of casting a tranny to play the tranny, because most tranny’s are out working as sex workers and are too busy dying of AIDS to be Hollywood stars…

The world gone nuts, but are only selective about the bullshit that offends them…”a gay movie should win an Oscar, even if it was directed by a straight man, and not a black woman”….it’s just ridiculous…

But not as ridiculous as Bella THrone and all her social media antics to get noticed, love and affection…doing every angle she can do to get noticed…from tits….to weirdo behavior with her boyfriend mooch….to raving…to nudity…it’s all so silly but apparently speaks to a generation and gets her paid..

Paid so well she bought out a theater and is inviting people to go watch the movie to boost the hype and break box office records..

When everyone knows you should wait for it to hit NETFLIX…in all circumstances, shootings and germs happen in Movie theaters…AVOID AVOID AVOID….

Not to mention, the less this movie performs the more Bella Thorne titty scrambling will happen…and that’s nice.

Here are the fishnets….

Bella Thorne looks ravishing in red as she steps out during a snowstorm in NYC

Bella Throne

Click HERE to see the rest of the pics

Here she is in a corset

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Amber Turner Cameltoe of the Day

Amber Turner fat pussy in a yellow bikini on the beach

Her name is Amber Turner, you probably haven’t heard of her. I haven’t heard of her. But according to her social media she has 400,000 followers who have either heard of her or they are into her slutty pics. Apparently she’s from a show called TOWIE…and her background story is pretty irrelevant really, but what isn’t irrelevant is her vagina in her yellow bikini where you can see her entire vagina in the yellow bikini…which is always exciting to a pervert like me who firmly believes in the magic of sheer when wet fabric used for bathing suits of unsuspecting girls – or girls who want to play unsuspecting instead of admitting that they are flashing their cunts to the world…

I have come face to pussy definition with many light colored bikini bottoms in my day, and I don’t even live near a beach…and I know that I love every last one of them I’ve seen…because pussy definition / pussy flashing / is magical…even when done by a whore.

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Stella Hudgens Tits of the Day

Stella Hudgens low cut top big tits out blowing


How about some bloated TITS of the sister of a barely famous chick showing off her tits in some social media content that only matters because she is the sister of a barely famous chick….and she has bigger tits than her barely famous sister…and I guess the barely famous is actually super famous…that High School Musical shit was everywhere…

Her sister’s best work is the nude selfies she’s taken early in her carer showing us all what she’s made of….a nice thick bush….and it’s too bad the coattail riding this one has taken does not involve the nude selfies…and this is the best she’s doing…

Because I have always had a sister fetish, good thing my wife is an only child because I’d be up in her sister as fast as I could be, just to see if their vagina’s look, feel, smell the same…

It’s just genetic research really, nothing sexual, what’s the big deal right….

Here she is in the bath…like a pervert bitch….

Here’s some sister she’s been wave jacking for her entire existence…

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Sofia Richie’s SLUTTY AD the Day

Sofia Richie in panties poising slutty for UGGS paid add


We live in a really weird era, where women are crying about being objectified by the media, or by male dominated bosses, for male dominated brands…with this whole #metoo movement…

Yet the content that is being produced by these women is sluttier, more sexualized, more objectified than ever…

If this was a decade ago, no brand ever, other than a panty brand, would be promoting some slut in her panties…

But now, if a girl “objectifies” herself, which is still being objectified, she is empowered….cashing in being am exhbitionist slut.

I mean, she’s a rich kid which comes with many issues, she’s banging a Kardashian publicly, who is 30 years older than her, she’s obviously a broken rich girl…so her panty pics don’t bug me.

I just hate that everything is so fucking hypocritical…so remember a ho is a ho is a ho even if she pretends she’s not.

Sofia Richie ass in short shorts

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Avril Lavigne Still Alive of the Day

avril lavigne black dress

Avril Lavigne is still alive….unfortunately…

I guess that LYME Disease she whines about being a traumatic experience for her because they couldn’t figure out what she was sick with and when you’re a coddled celebrity who doesn’t understand what pain is because they usually make their assistants and handlers deal with it for them….it’s a big deal…DID NOT WIN…or TAKE HER OUT…

But she looks like a middle aged skater girl now, and that alone isn’t very hot…not that she’s dressed like she just shoplifted at Hot Topic on a school trip to the USA from her Canadian town of Nepean….but even to the most perverted of Avril Lavigne fans have to come to terms with her becoming this…middled aged and mom bodied thanks to possibly having babies with Nickelback but I’m too lazy to google if she had a kid with him….she looks like she did…

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Olivia Wilde’s Ass in Leggings of the Day

Olivia Wilde tight black leggings

Olivia Wilde’s midget legs in leggigns is what you’d expect to see on a midget legged woman who has at lease one kid in leggings…it’s the MOM look you see if you go to the Grocery store during the day…you know where moms hang out, not rich moms with maids cuz they are riche – like Olivia Wilde, who isn’t even named Olivia Wilde, and who named herself Wilde, instead of her given name COCKBURN, because WILDE a stage name you’d expect from a stripper worked for her marketing…more than COCKBURN would…something I bring up every post I do on her…because it’s all I got, and because it never gets old…

I don’t despise her in movies, I just don’t find her the hottest chick around, I don’t think she should be celebrated, or as well paid as she is, and she doesn’t look good in leggings today…doing whatever she’s doing…and in her defense –
#momlife…is never the hottest.

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Shayna Taylor in a Bikini Hiding from Her Sexual Assaulting Boyfriend Ryan Seacrest of the Day

Shayna Taylor tits in a bikini getting wet

Ryan Seacrest is a fucking tyrant pervert creeper who is one of the worst people in entertainment, who despite playing the friendly guy most people assumed was gay, is actually a terrible fucking pervert, alpha male, who makes 100 million dollars a year, and uses that money to seduce some of the trashiest, low level, aspiring LA model whores he can…he recruits them at TREATS magazine parties or from his best friend the founder of Treats magazine and LA whore manager…Steve Shaw…

I know multiple women who have been “seduced” or bought by Seacrest….they all assumed he was gay, found him lame, but liked his money and the idea of being knocked up by him and he basically reaches out at 2 am for them, sends his “security guard” to pick them up, he makes them sign NDAs like TRUMP, and he makes them check their phones…..only to let them into his massive house, that was once Ellen’s house, to get fucked up the ass after a bunch of coke is snorted…

These women can’t go against him because of the NDA, and probably because he has them on payroll, he is THAT rich…

To make things even funnier, he offers to buy them all tits, and he closes down lingerie stores for them to buy anything they want, as long as they model it for him.

There are store owners who know how much of a pervert this dude is…there are LA whores…but America…thinks he’s just this great, wholesome, guy..

I’ve been waiting for him to go down FOREVER…but it just doesn’t happen for him, and seeing Kelly Rippa hugging him to save her show and ratings…is just as hilarious as seeing someone hugging Weinstein in public…despite knowing he’s a fucking dirtbag.

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Sofia Resing Hard Nipples of the Day

Sofia Resing hard nipples getting wet in a blue bikini

Her name Sofie Resing, she’s a “Brazilian Model”..with a good fucking body…

A while ago her instagram bio listed all the agencies who she is represented by….the list was:

Women 360 New York, Women Milan, Major Paris, Storm London, Uno Spain, Modellink Sweden, Ford Miami, Way Sampa, 40 Graus Rio, Vision Cape Town,

Which is the most extensive list of modeling agencies I’ve ever seen an instagram model rock….

She’s taken that off that list, but instagram models like vegans, and girls who have been molested, or feminists love to fucking brag….to legitimize themselves..

Hard nipples in a one piece, that are more exciting for the way they ride the pussy slit, vagina definition so good, TWAT Eating Fabric Everywhere…jacked up by wet tight fabric….and I appreciate it.

I like the body.

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Amber Heard See Through of the Day

Amber Heard black panties sheer dress

Amber Heard’s weird attention seeking outfit because she is a black widow who destroyed everything Johnny Depp at the core of who he is, making him crack like some kind of crazy person, all because he was pussy whipped by this monster…woman….

She is and has been a low level self promoting who trolled the media to become this…sugar baby professional…

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Sofia Richie in Bikini Bottoms of the Day

Sofia Richie White Bikini Bottoms

Lionel Richie wrote the song “Easy” about his daughter Sofia who may not have been born at the time, but who grew into the lyrics, of being some 18 or 19 year old rich and entitled spoiled cunt, who like all the other spoiled rich kids, wants instagram followers for her Birthday or monthly trust fund, rather than a new pony…or real estate…because that’s what feeds their little shitty egos…

He also wrote “Deep River Woman” about her gaping cunt that at a young age is already so maleable – like a post pregnant woman….

He also probably wants nothing to do with her, because even he finds her annoying, so he just throws money at her barely hot, face injected ass that she’s put into a bikini bottom…

Garbage human..the world is awful.

Here she is celebrating AIDS because we can only hope Scott Disick hooked her up with some of that and that the whole family will collectively

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Kate Upton Fat in a Bikini of the Day

Kate Upton Fat in a Bikini

Kate Upton, the activist who has a personal vendetta against GUESS? because the founder/creater/pervert behind the brand grabbed at her big tits, the only THING anyone cares about when it comes to Kate Upton, back when she was just starting out her scam to high pay days…because she feels violated, that it’s wrong, as most women who are the life support system for huge tits feel when they are reduced to just their tits…

The reason she’s mad is because Guess? did a fake PR move saying they are doing an internal investigation of the pervert owner who has always been a pervert who uses his money and brand to get pussy who want to be a Guess? Girl…which I guess takes away her coming forward….

I think it’s great to call out the perverts because EVERYONE is a fucking pervert and all these rich execs in tech, fashion, art, entertainment, ADVERTISING are the fucking worst…

The funniest thing is that the people in PORNO that I’ve met are more decent with the girls who are actual sexualized whores, where as the mainstream, that acts so elitist and above porn are the fucking dirt bags…

I’ve been doing the site forever, and I’ve been rejected ads from people like Grand Theft Auto for being too hardcore, a game where you actually beat hookers…told me I was too hardcore…not to mention, any money people from big agencies, are all fucking power tripping perverts, that’s why they do what they do…

POINT being….Here she is in a BIKINI….with her big fucking tits…doing TITTY things…

Kate Upton white and black bikini showing tits

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That Dude Lea Michelle’s Ass of the Day

Lea Michelle Ass in Bodysuit

Lea Michelle posted up this leotard / ass pic / in an outfit that I assume she’s trying on for her Oscar weekend Oscar party for the Oscars…not because she’s an Oscar contender, or will be at the Oscars, but it could happen one day….I mean look at all she’s accomplished so far…starting out a little Jewish boy, to becoming a famous actress from GLEE….that dudes who think she’s a girl, have jerked off to…

She’s recently got a boyfriend, so she’s getting fucked, and I guess feeling hot about herself, and like all girls who start getting fucked, she’s sexualized, she’s horny, and she loves giving her as to her fans in subtle ways because obviously she thinks it looks hot…otherwise this ass pic would have never happened….so support her in supporting herself…because a horny girl, even if she’s a dude to start, is a girl more interesting to follow on social media.

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