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Top 10 Star Wars Gifts for Black Friday of the Day

Halloween is over, so it’s almost Christmas, am I allowed to say that it’s Christmas, in this era of distress, where Starbucks gets slandered by the non-Christians who feel oppressed by the Christian world they live in and shouldn’t be exposed to….

You or someone you know is probably a what I call a Virgin loser, but what you probably called a Star Wars fan…which is probably 99 percent of you, as Star Wars is the most anticipated, highly marketed, overrated bullshit to ever exist…but it made George Lucas a billionaire, so I guess it can’t be that bad…right?

So with the help of my friends at TheGadgetFLow Here are the Top 10 Star Wars gifts according to me…yes I hand picked every last one of these fuckers….even though I hate Star Wars and think it is all that is wrong in the world…but I guess I’ve had sex with girls before…so I can’t relate…

Some of these gift ideas are pretty good though…

1- the Star Wars Millenium Falcon Drone

2- Star Wars Droid

3- Light Sabre Chopsticks

4- AT-BT Boombox

5- Star Wars Toaster

6- Lightsaber Umbrealla

7- Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling

8- Star Wars Car Decals

9- Relic v@ Cross Guard

10- Death Star Ice


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Top 10 Pictures of Girls Vaping of the Day

Our friends at TheKindPen…helped us compile a list of the top 10 pictures of girls vaping…because in the event you don’t have any idea what is going on in the world…vaping is a massive fucking trend…with vape stores on every corner of every city and small down alike…because people love the shit…and I’m not just taking pot smokers, dab smokers, hash smokers..I’m talking cigarette smokers trying to quit, and flavored vapor smokers who just like sucking on mint or cherry flavored air….the shit is fucking out of control…so with any trend that is out of control…comes hot pics of hot girls posing while doing it…making the whole thing highly erotic…

Here’s 10 babes with their VAPES….

If you want the vape of champions….visit our friends at TheKindPen

They are offering a 25% discount to all our readers, homies, enemies, girlfriends, mistresses and sluts everywhere…all you have to do is use Code drunk2014 when you’re checking out.

I repeat use code drunk2014 when checking out…or CLICK HERE

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Top 10 of The Demi Moore and Her Spawns of the Day

So it looks like the Demi Moores all got together for some photo exhibit featuring Rumer Willis…naked…

But Demi, being Demi was more interested in pointing at penises on her T-Shirt…because penis is what made her happen, but what also made her little Demi Moore’s happen…

She was really excited about the dick on her shirt…

So she made everyone else wear it…

Unless that was part of the event they were at…everyone had to wear the same shirt…I guess that would make more sense than Rumer Willis’ monster face…or that any man under 40 would get this close to Demi…

Because she is the devil..

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Top 10 Australia’s Next Top Model Premiere of the Day

Want to know something that I find terribly fucking boring….two models who are past their prime on the red carpet of some launch party for some obscure market version of a hit show – that they have been hired to host – even if they barely have ties with said obscure market country – but agreed to because of TV time

I figure if you’re a has been model figuring out your next steps, TV is definitely the logical option, you know if you want to stay relevant and keep working, despite all the money you and the billionaire you landed have…

I prefer seeing them in fashion nudes…

Here are the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Top 10 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Premiere of the Day

1- Megan Fox’s Robot Face

2- Minea Noji’s Bootypop to Let people know who the fuck she is…

3- Bella Thorne’s Booty Pop to Let People Know She’s More Important than Minea Noji

4- Some Chick name Ginny Gardner – cuz I like Gin…and all alcoholic beverages really

5- Bella Thorne’s Side Profile – Because Really all That Happened at the Premiere..

6- Unless you consider Megan Fox Something…

7 – Her Handler from 90210 – who caged her and seeded her does…he’s always close by…as she silently screams for help

8 – I thought Michael Bay hated her – that’s why he fired her – you know cuz he likes his girls to look more like gutter trannies…

9- She shoulda been grabbing her ankles…

10 – This Guy!

Bonus – the couple who thought it was a Mexican confirmation/ 90s Prom…

To See The Rest CLICK HERE

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