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Emma Rose Kenney Got Them Titties On of the Day

Emma Rose Kenney Big Tits Lingerie

Emma Rose Kenney is Debbie Gallagher on Shameless, who you probably never see naked, I stopped watching that show after the first season because I hate Emmy Rossum, and more importantly, it was just too over the top in their comedy. You see growing up, I loved gutter, white trash, incest, poverty, degenerates..and the weirder the people were the more interesting, but Shameless was a Disney version of that and it was just too over the fucking top that my Autism couldn’t relate, or appreciate it, I just saw the white Hollywood rich people writing as much nonsense as they could, going as far as they could with it, making it silly…

Point being the ugly daughter, Emma Rose Kenney, has social media and is slutty on it….

Here is the other slutty girl from Shameless named Sammi Hanratty dancing in her underwear and bra

Sammi Hanratty Black Bra Panties Dancing

The world seems bright….


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Sammi Hanratty Amputee Bikini Erotica of the Day

There’s something magical about a girl who crops her limbs out of her bikini photos…that taps into all of our amputee fetishes….you know just watching her stump fuck her friends…or even you…like the homo you are…because it takes a certain sexual dysfunction or open mindedness to only be able to cum to amputees.

Point being, she’s some actress that doesn’t matter and she’s in a bikini….and that alone…is enough…whether she has shitty photo taking skills or not…

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Sammi Hanratty Open Mouthed in a Sports Bra of the Day

Sammi Hanratty looks like she’s 12.

She’s 22…but looks like she’s 12…and I guess knows how to make that work for her, because back in 1997, when she was 2 years old, she moved from Arizona to LA, like any 2 year old with a dream would do…you know just packed her 2 year old bags and told her mom and dad “Peach out losers, I’m going to Hollywood”….

She’s also enterprising enough to wear a bikini on social media because she saw what happened to Bella Thorne, and knows what her audience wants…the world is just a bunch of fucking perverts and you’re one of them.

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