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Clean Your Pee – Pass Your Drug Test – Don’t Let the Man Ruin Your Fun of the Day

If you’re like Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova, Ben Johnson, The Entire Russian Olympic Team, any convicts on Parole, or kid with asshole parents, you’ll know that one of life’s great invasions of privacy, ruiner of cool, party stopper, downer, annoyance is social media, phones tracking your every move, the government parked outside your house in UPS vans….

IS drug testing….

Pee Testing…

Like let me pee in peace you DICK…Who the fuck’s business is it what any of us ingest, why are they trying to kill our buzz, ruin our fun….and for that reason alone we should protest…

No one….I repeat NO ONE…should stand between us and a good time…with our medicine that they for some reason deem to be “not medicine”….FASCISTS….

If you’re a rich kid in rehab, or trying to trick your parents, someone on parole, someone applying for some bullshit job where drug testing is a requirement / invasion of privacy, a pilot, or other person who have to do drug tests as part of their job…..

You have options…you don’t need to let anyone ruin your good time….and thanks to the people at DRUG TESTING SOLUTIONS

You don’t need to google things like “how long does Marijuana stay in my system”…or deal with the anxiety, which is straight up abusive, and should allow you to sue them for mental anguish….you have options…to pass, fake, protest but still do, the PEE test….you don’t need to get stopped or punished for just living your life dawg….

You don’t need to pay some pre-drug users for their pee…or buy it from some third party pee vendor…who steals his pee from the Old Folks home…you can use like;

1. Sub Solution Synthetic urine kit
2. Incognito Belt (synthetic urine on a belt)
3. Rescue Cleanse 32oz detox drink
4. Spike Additive ( Urine additive for instant tests)
5. Instant Clean Additive (urine additive for lab tests)

So don’t let the MAN…or anyone oppress you…play the system, by winning the system, gaming the system…with the help of these things!


Here are some drunk girls peeing to celebrate CLEAN PEE!!

Everyone PEES…even Miley!!


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stepGIRLS vs Thick Ass Glass Snapchat Takoever of the Day

It’s still 420, and if you’re not spending you’re day laying in bed, or on the fucking floor, or in a park, with at least one girl getting high all day…well, you’re a lot like me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it, or think it’s a wonderful thing, for a community of smokers to get high all day and fuck the way the good life is meant to be…

Fuck work, fuck the system, fuck it all…motherfuckers…and do it with some amazing Glassware….like your granny always told you…bust out the best China for any celebration…

So if you’re gonna smoke, you gotta do it right and get up on one of these amazing water pipes from THICK ASS GLASS

They are amazing, to watch a girl play with, or to smoke with….get yours now, tell them Jesus sent you CLICK HERE

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Piece Water in a Booty with a Flower of the Day

Piece Water in a Booty with a Flower to celebrate what a lovely and beautiful product Piece Water is….for those of you who smoke weed in a water pipe / bong / etc….which should be all of you…because that’s what life is about…getting trippy….

I may not smoke weed, because I am a drunk, but the 22 year old girls I hang out with do, and they say that Piece Water solves every problem you would typically have smoking with a water pipe. Proof.

It is an exclusive blend of safe-all- natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts that work to prevent resin from forming within a bong, water pipe, or bubbler. It’s 100% All Natural and Absolutely Non-Toxic. Because who wants anything TOXIC…you’re smoking weed man, not Sythentic heroin….?

So add Piece Water to a clean bong and the bong stay clean and clear from NO resin build up. When you are ready to change your bong’s piece water rinse the pipe with tap water and it will be clean! Piece Water acts as a filter of particulate matter and NO ONE wants PARTICULATE MATTER….which may make for a healthier smoke and HEALTHY is what you need. ?

So don’t clean your bong, use your bong the right way, with an innovative product, because it will impress the ladies…

?I repeat because this is important the BENEFITS Are:

?1- Keeps Bongs and Rigs Clean While Smoking?
2- Eliminates Need To Clean Water Pipe With Harsh Chemicals (Just a quick rinse with tap water and the water pipe is clean!) ?
3- Acts as a filter of particulate matter, which makes for much cleaner and smoother hits!
4- Viscosity Produces Better Draw For A Deeper Pull?
5- Reduces Smell Between Water Changes ?
6- No Mixing Or Measuring Required?
7- Store in Refrigerator for Cool Hits
8- Much thicker than water, Piece Water is completely odorless, and tasteless.
10- Looks good jammed up in a woman’s ass – but only if there’s a flower because it makes it more romantic…

Piece Water comes in 12oz. bottles, and the best deal is 3 @ $25.



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