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AE Thruster is the Sex Toy of the Day

When I first started the site, I was a lot more perverted, and I would feature a sex toy of the day, digging deep on the internet to find the most obscure and amazing things to make you or your loved once have the best orgasms of your life…like Robin Hood…I was a hero…who cared about sexual health, femininity, women having a good time exploring masturbation in an era when it was still stigmatized and deemed NAUGHTY…

Obviously, perversion has evolved across all genders, age groups, ethnicities and is the one thing the holds us all together….

So I’ve decided to bring back the SEX TOY OF THE DAY FEAUTRE…with the help of my friends at ADAM & EVE , who I have had a great relationship with for many years, they brought me to my first AVN Awards and invited me to sit at their table and drink their booze…where I hung out with Bree Olsen before she went nuts and met my lifelong friend Kayden Kross….

The SEX TOY, that you need to learn more about is the THRUSTER…a multi-function vibrator created to provide constant thrusting motions –– and the angled tip is G-spot friendly. What makes The Thruster unique is that the shaft moves up-and-down, thanks to a unique thruster motor inside.

If you’re a women, the reason you need this is obvious….

If you’re a dude, the reason YOU want to buy it for your loved ones is because you either hate banging your wife and want her to replace you, you can’t make her cum and want her to discover herself and figure it out on her own because you’re busy watching porno…or maybe you want to add spice to your relationship…and watch her bang herself while you bang her…an entry level cuckold or maybe you just want to give to to a friend because it will make them feel good, and who doesn’t like feeling good, and who doesn’t want to give the gift of feeling good….but I do not suggest gifting it to the coffee shop girl, or someone you don’t really know…in the current climate, as a man, you can’t do that…and it’s creepy…and you may get arrested….

Look at this engineering….

Adam and Eve Thruster DILDO

Adam and Eve Thruster DILDO

Adam and Eve Thruster DILDO


Use code DRUNK at checkout for 50% Off 1 Item + Free Shipping in US & Canada. (some exclusions apply)


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The Best Valentines Day Gift of the Day

Don’t let Valentine’s Day get you down…

If you’re alone, be excited about saving the money…

If you’re eager, hit up the dating apps or instagram, there are bound to be lonely girls who are eager to get fucked to make them feel better about their decision of choosing casual sex over relationship…

If you’re like me, and you hate your wife, or if you’re someone I idolize who doesn’t have a wife, GET YOURSELF the Valentines Day gift idea from The Hand Pilot ….

Make no mistake, we are in a new era of sex, a sexual revolution if you will, where girls, pretty much all girls have their vibrators, and we as men have our MASTURBATORS

They’ve tried to make us feel like lonely perverts for owning these, just because they are jealous of these, knowing they can be replaced….

The way I see it, jerk off tools so that no matter how horny I am, I don’t have to lower yourself to fuck your wife….is a win…and jerk off tools to make you not bite the bullet and ruin your life with a wife…is a good thing…

So here’s my Top 5 Reasons a Pocket Pussy is better than a real pussy of the Day

1- Doesn’t Say No – is always in the mood.
2- Doesn’t get Yeast Infection – or it’s period
3- Doesn’t remind you of all that has gone wrong as it ages
4- Doesn’t nag you to shower, or clean up, or put on pants
5- Doesn’t get mad at you for fucking a different pocket pussy or pressure you to propose…

I mean do I really need to continue….we all know MALE MASTURBATORS WIN IN THE GAME OF LOVE – SO GET YOURS NOW

So Don’t make hotel reservations, restaurant reservations, waste your money on flowers or chocolates….SING YOUR 80s ROCK BALLAD LOVE SONG TO YOUR MASTURBATOR – SHOP NOW CLICK HERE

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Black Friday Fleshlight Special for ALL Dicks of the Day

Black Friday Fleshlight Special for ALL Dicks of the Day


It’s Black Friday, Thanksgiving is Over, time to plan the actual holidays, you know since Thanksgiving is the gateway to the happiest time of year…so why not make it happier with a Fleshlight ….

Sometimes the best gifts are the most considerate gifts…you know not the most expensive gift, but the gifts from the heart…and that is why I want to see a lot of Fleshlights under the christmas tree, or shipped to your love-ones door because people don’t actually leave their houses anymore, not even on the Holidays…because it’s inconvenient….

Sure, gifting a Fleshlight may be unconventional, so if you’re too shy to give your family and friends something they will actually use, appreciate, and possibly fall in love with, because they are that good…get yourself one…you won’t regret it…

When planning for this article, I did hours of research that you can find on STEPSMUT ….where I was reminded how good Fleshlights actually are…

Then I remembered the first time I used a fleshlight, it was in 2004 or 2005 and it was given to me by a friend, I didn’t use it for weeks, just stared at it confused by the invention but fascinated by it…It was a time I wasn’t getting laid and thought, fuck I’m a loser fucking a plastic device…then I fucked the plastic device and came faster and harder than I ever had. I ended up washing the Fleshlight in the sink, thinking “I should have pulled out”…and ended up blowing that thing out until I had to throw it out because it was violated harder than any of Harvey Weinstein’s girls…

Now, I know you don’t want to hear my 13 year old stories of being introduced to a life changing toy, and we’re in a different era of sex toy culture, where girls shove all kinds of things up in them…there’s no shame in using a tool like they do…

If anything, women just don’t want us using them, at least the wrong women who make us insecure proudly displaying our toys like little kids do with their GI Joes or whatever they play with now, likely Barbies since the world is becoming one massive vagina….

But if anything, women just don’t want us to have them because they know they could be replaced…

You see…a Fleshlight doesn’t say no, it doesn’t report us for being perverts because it’s trendy, even if it enjoyed us being perverts while we were being perverts, it is always available, it never talks back, it always stays tights, you can cum in it and not get it pregnant, and overall..it’s fucking amazing…

Not to mention, if you’re married or in a relationship, you may want to fuck a new pussy, without cheating, maybe live out a threesome fantasy, or most likely your wife won’t want to fuck you because you bore her…..so she’ll encourage you to jerk off or even jerk you off with the fleshlight…because masturabtion is good alone and in groups….

So get your Fleshlight Supply NOW

If that didn’t make you want it, remember:

1- It is NOT just for the lonely guy who can’t get laid. Couples use it.

2- The Stamina Training Unit helps to build stamina for longer and stronger sex

3- It is The original POCKET PUSSY

4- Made in the USA so no dirty China Sweatshop Germs…

5- It Feels Awesome…


Oh and you can get Pornstar Vaginas which makes it all more fun….to jerk off to their videos…

Nicole Aniston

Dillon Harper

Kendra Suderland

Madison IVY


Reily Reid

Riley Steele

Eva Lovia


Here’s some highlights from their instagram…..

And a video…


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Lifetime Celebrity Nudes Deal of the Day

Mr. Skin is a pretty old player in this celebrity nudity game. I first came across them in 2004 or 2005 when I first started the site and consider them friends of the site…


Back then, I was still interested in celebrity nudity, because I was just some dude who liked watching movies, and would rent movies, yes I still rented movies back then, based on their level of nudity…because I’ve always been a pervert…

I would think, oh that celeb is hot, she’s naked, which I guess is the premise of the Mr Skin site…brilliant really…and you SHOULD SIGN UP ….

I ended up getting knee deep into this celebrity shit, this site is officially a celebrity pop culture site, not actually caring about it, but because it was solid clickbait that made me all my internet money…to drink with….

I always thought celebs were shit, that regular girls were hotter, more interesting, and celebs as a whole were just shit…but after committing myself to the curse that is celebrity, I’ve come to hate them more and more and more and more and find them uglier and uglier with each of my 40,000 posts I’ve done since then….

But I still like their tits…and I still think they are worth looking at….

Which is where Mr Skin comes in by giving away a great deal – a Lifetime membership for a site you will use – because everyone likes celebrity nudity…even when you hate celebs…..

So it’s all in one place….organized for all your celeb nudity needs…clips and photos that come without all the other nonsense that comes with it like stories, and the rest of the shitty movies that don’t have the tits…

TO GET THIS GREAT DEAL – CLICK HERE Because Movies wouldn’t be movies worth watching without the celeb nudity, so why not just fixate on the celeb nudity….good times…

Here are some pics of naked celebs to get you into it…


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V4 Twenty Vaping with Pussy of the Day

It’s thanksgiving, and I figure that I’ll give thanks to our longtime partner over at V4-Twenty …who have been working with us to bring you this Great American Pop Culture everyday….without them….there would be no servers paid, no alochol in my veins, not rage against how ridiculous humans are…so thank you…

I am more of a drinker, but should get more into the Cannabis world, maybe it would chill me out and cure me of cancer and not make me as fat as I am…and when I make that Transition like I was Bruce Jenner and going from booze to weed is like chopping of my dick / my all I know…I am going to do it with my V4-Twenty Vape…

It’s called THE PLUSH …because vaping is soft like the plush velvet nightgown my lap dancing stripper had on the another night, only a lot more fun because it doesn’t mislead you with lies about how bad it wants to fuck you, rubbing you to lure you into the next song…

Either way, it’s fun for people who like vaping so buy the people in your lives a V4-Twenty VAPE for Christmas, or today, or whatever…

Here’s some PUSSY and the Vape…I promised in the clickbait misleading title…it’s the only way I can get your damn attention.

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Vitamin Vape is Necessary of the Day

Vitamin Vape

VITAMIN VAPE is a great fucking concept…it’s allows you to take your vitamins while you’re vaping….and if you had a mother growing up…you’ll know just how important it is to take your vitamins..

As an unhealthy fuck, I realize the importance of bio-hacking, you know figuring out ways to medicate your body, to off set the bad things you do to your body – living on the grid in this radioactive, radio wave, technology filled, processed filled world…

It’s one of those take your fucking vitamins and do what you can to not fall into the arms of the evil pharma companies who want you sick, dying, to make them money…you are their bottom line…

So why not get a boost of Vitamin B while doing what you love…VAPING

So each vaporizer contains 14 times the amount of B12 you’d find in a shot.

Studies have shown that inhaling B12 can be 100’s of times more effectively absorbed than pills.

If you have symptoms of chronic fatigue, mood disorders like depression, and chronic stress or feeling run down – you may need some VITAMIN B12.

Vitamin B12 is also an essential vitamin for addressing adrenal fatigue, multiple metabolic functions — including enzyme production, DNA synthesis and hormonal balance

It helps maintain energy levels…it prevents memory loss and lowers risk of neurodegenerative disease…it boosts Mood and helps the Nervous System to Properly Function…
and it plays a role in maintaining heart health….

Sounds good to me…

Get yours if you just

Get yours if you just

Get yours if you just

Get yours if you just

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Easily and Affordably Obtain a Medicinal Cannabis Card in California and New York

I find it ridiculous that weed is federally illegal, it’s obviously some kind of conspiracy, and even with the legalization of it in Canada, it’s all tactics for the government to have their hands in your pocket, to tax you and to control something that they’ve finally realized they can’t control.

It’s a fucking plant….A fucking plant…that you can grow, that will grow like a weed, but as a people we decided to let the Government decide it’s criminal for no fucking reason, now suddenly it’s not going to be illegal and the same cops will be smoking weed with you at a party like it’s a beer…just because someone decided it’s legal..

Now it’s not legal in the USA, but there are loopholes, so that’s why I posting this important article for you to figure out how to get your medical card in New York, because the fact it’s criminal blows my fucking mind…

California New York medical cannabis card

“Do I need a California medical cannabis card? A New York one?”

These and similar questions are all over the news and the blogosphere. States are passing laws giving people access to medical marijuana and, in some states, recreational cannabis. However, just because the states have relaxed the rules doesn’t mean you can march into your doctor’s office and ask him or her for a medical cannabis prescription.

Qualifying for a Medical Cannabis Card

Despite its overwhelming healing properties, medical marijuana still falls under the federal classification of a schedule 1 drug, which specifies that these substances have no medical benefits.

In most states that’ve given the thumbs up, you’ll need to find a licensed medical marijuana doctor commissioned by the state to get certified based on your condition(s).

Medical conditions vary by state and the list of qualifying conditions can be updated at any time. An occasional headache isn’t enough for a recommendation; you must have a debilitating or chronic condition such as Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, AIDS & HIV to be considered.

In New York, chronic pain was recently added to the list, which has been on California’s since the beginning. This less specific condition gives doctors some leeway in their diagnosis.

Finding a Cannabis Doctor

Finding medical marijuana consultations can be challenging. It’s possible your primary physician may know some legit cannabis doctors, but this isn’t always the case. States won’t make it publicly known which doctors are permitted to recommend marijuana, for fear these docs would get inundated with people claiming phony conditions.

The laws in both New York and California mark major breakthroughs for sufferers of several serious, chronic conditions. Before instant online access was available, you had to spend time searching “medical cannabis certifications near me.” Plus you had to make an appointment, travel, wait, and pay a hefty fee to get certified–and if you weren’t, you might still have to pay for the visit.

Luckily in New York and California you can get direct access to these California and New York medical cannabis doctors online with NuggMD’s telemedicine service. Consult with a live doctor via phone or video chat then become approved in minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than this.

The NuggMD Process Slightly Differs in Each State

The process of obtaining medical marijuana is faster and cheaper in California than it is in New York. Plus, in both states, you’re only charged if approved!

California New York medicinal cannabis

While a visit to a NY state-licensed pot doctor would cost an average of $250, a NuggMD MMJ certification is just $199 and $99 for annual renewals. But before you New Yorkers ask, “Can I buy cannabis in California with my New York certification?,” know that it’s only valid in your home state.

In California, the recommendation costs much cheaper, only $39 and $59 for the rec and a picture ID card.

Acquiring Medical Cannabis Differs in Each State

Once you become a cannabis patient, the next step is to obtain your medication. Yet you can’t just go to a pharmacist and get vape oil cartridges ; you’ll need to use a state-approved marijuana dispensary.

Californians can order cannabis from several dispensaries immediately after your rec is issued using Nugg, the state’s biggest online delivery platform. You don’t have to register with the state. Golden State MMJ patients can also cultivate as many medical plants as necessary within 100 square feet.

Prior to searching “medical cannabis dispensaries near me,” New Yorkers must register with the Department of Health after being approved; once you do, you can only obtain medical weed from certain state-approved dispensaries. Another bummer: Empire State patients can’t grow any medicinal plants.

Attitudes about medical cannabis and marijuana itself are changing. This could eventually lead to relaxing federal laws allowing for more testing in the field. No matter what happens, rest assured that NuggMD is your go-to resource in helping you improve your life with medical marijuana.

There you go…

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Clean Your Pee – Pass Your Drug Test – Don’t Let the Man Ruin Your Fun of the Day

If you’re like Lance Armstrong, Maria Sharapova, Ben Johnson, The Entire Russian Olympic Team, any convicts on Parole, or kid with asshole parents, you’ll know that one of life’s great invasions of privacy, ruiner of cool, party stopper, downer, annoyance is social media, phones tracking your every move, the government parked outside your house in UPS vans….

IS drug testing….

Pee Testing…

Like let me pee in peace you DICK…Who the fuck’s business is it what any of us ingest, why are they trying to kill our buzz, ruin our fun….and for that reason alone we should protest…

No one….I repeat NO ONE…should stand between us and a good time…with our medicine that they for some reason deem to be “not medicine”….FASCISTS….

If you’re a rich kid in rehab, or trying to trick your parents, someone on parole, someone applying for some bullshit job where drug testing is a requirement / invasion of privacy, a pilot, or other person who have to do drug tests as part of their job…..

You have options…you don’t need to let anyone ruin your good time….and thanks to the people at DRUG TESTING SOLUTIONS

You don’t need to google things like “how long does Marijuana stay in my system”…or deal with the anxiety, which is straight up abusive, and should allow you to sue them for mental anguish….you have options…to pass, fake, protest but still do, the PEE test….you don’t need to get stopped or punished for just living your life dawg….

You don’t need to pay some pre-drug users for their pee…or buy it from some third party pee vendor…who steals his pee from the Old Folks home…you can use like;

1. Sub Solution Synthetic urine kit
2. Incognito Belt (synthetic urine on a belt)
3. Rescue Cleanse 32oz detox drink
4. Spike Additive ( Urine additive for instant tests)
5. Instant Clean Additive (urine additive for lab tests)

So don’t let the MAN…or anyone oppress you…play the system, by winning the system, gaming the system…with the help of these things!


Here are some drunk girls peeing to celebrate CLEAN PEE!!

Everyone PEES…even Miley!!


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stepGIRLS vs Thick Ass Glass Snapchat Takoever of the Day

It’s still 420, and if you’re not spending you’re day laying in bed, or on the fucking floor, or in a park, with at least one girl getting high all day…well, you’re a lot like me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it, or think it’s a wonderful thing, for a community of smokers to get high all day and fuck the way the good life is meant to be…

Fuck work, fuck the system, fuck it all…motherfuckers…and do it with some amazing Glassware….like your granny always told you…bust out the best China for any celebration…

So if you’re gonna smoke, you gotta do it right and get up on one of these amazing water pipes from THICK ASS GLASS

They are amazing, to watch a girl play with, or to smoke with….get yours now, tell them Jesus sent you CLICK HERE

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Piece Water in a Booty with a Flower of the Day

Piece Water in a Booty with a Flower to celebrate what a lovely and beautiful product Piece Water is….for those of you who smoke weed in a water pipe / bong / etc….which should be all of you…because that’s what life is about…getting trippy….

I may not smoke weed, because I am a drunk, but the 22 year old girls I hang out with do, and they say that Piece Water solves every problem you would typically have smoking with a water pipe. Proof.

It is an exclusive blend of safe-all- natural mineral, vegetable, and fruit extracts that work to prevent resin from forming within a bong, water pipe, or bubbler. It’s 100% All Natural and Absolutely Non-Toxic. Because who wants anything TOXIC…you’re smoking weed man, not Sythentic heroin….?

So add Piece Water to a clean bong and the bong stay clean and clear from NO resin build up. When you are ready to change your bong’s piece water rinse the pipe with tap water and it will be clean! Piece Water acts as a filter of particulate matter and NO ONE wants PARTICULATE MATTER….which may make for a healthier smoke and HEALTHY is what you need. ?

So don’t clean your bong, use your bong the right way, with an innovative product, because it will impress the ladies…

?I repeat because this is important the BENEFITS Are:

?1- Keeps Bongs and Rigs Clean While Smoking?
2- Eliminates Need To Clean Water Pipe With Harsh Chemicals (Just a quick rinse with tap water and the water pipe is clean!) ?
3- Acts as a filter of particulate matter, which makes for much cleaner and smoother hits!
4- Viscosity Produces Better Draw For A Deeper Pull?
5- Reduces Smell Between Water Changes ?
6- No Mixing Or Measuring Required?
7- Store in Refrigerator for Cool Hits
8- Much thicker than water, Piece Water is completely odorless, and tasteless.
10- Looks good jammed up in a woman’s ass – but only if there’s a flower because it makes it more romantic…

Piece Water comes in 12oz. bottles, and the best deal is 3 @ $25.



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