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Khloe Kardashian’s Massive Fake Ass of the Day

Khloe Kardashian Big Fake Ass of the Day

The Khloe Kardashians, who is the monster Kardashian, even though I think the entire family are sent from hell to show the world how fucked up we are all, yet this one is the most disgusting of the bunch, which is only funny because she was even more fucking disgusting before they figured out non invasive sugeries that could turn them all into the same looking doughy sex doll that Kim paved the way for them all to be….yet still fucking disgusting, just not too disgusting for some NBA players to knock her up, because I guess they are massive and she’s the only thing that can handle their dicks, and it doesn’t look too awkward while they are 7 foot tall and she’s 6 foot 5….Blame OJ….I mean I am sure she does every day…

I guess this is post pregnancy fame whoring, because she recently had a prop and storyline for their vile show I’ve never watched….straight from the paparazzi…that they hired and sold the pics for because it’s all manipulative bullshit people buy into…there are teams of people behind this one digusting behind…seriously…I have nudes that were sent to me by the girl who runs their social media company….who helped build their empire…it’s all contrived bullshit but America fucking loves it…you’re all fucking crazy…but not as crazy as whatever she did to this ass…gross.

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