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Chris Brown Beat Up Rihanna of the Day

I was a little surprised when I came across this story, because I heard Rihanna was going to be performing at the Grammy’s and she never showed up. then I checked my computer and got this story.

Chris Brown just entered an LAPD station, where he turned himself in to police.??Chris is being investigated by the LAPD for an alleged domestic violence felony battery that occurred early this morning near Hancock Park in L.A. Police officials said earlier today.
According to the female victim — who cops refuse to identify — she and Chris got into an argument which turned violent. Cops say when they arrived to the scene, Brown had split, but the woman had “visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker.”

Sure, beating your woman is typical ghetto behavior. It’s how you command respect from your hoes, but I like Rihanna and I don’t like dudes who beat up women I like, unless it’s during sex and it’s the only way you can get off because you are desensitized by porn.

That said, take it easy Ike Turner, just cuz she’s more famous than you doesn’t mean you gotta rough her up. I thought whenever you fought, you’d just have a fucking dance off like the pussy you are.

I hope they give him the death sentence, but that’s just because I feel we’ve got enough Chris Brown’s in the world. We all know we like abused girls, but we don’t have to like the dudes who abuse them.

Unfortunately, like all abused girls, Rihanna, will take him back because she thinks she loves him and doesn’t want to see her boo go through all these headaches over a couple black eyes and we know his celebrity will give him the O.J. quality judgement and the whole thing and who really knows, maybe this Rihanna bitch and her new found ego deserved to be put in her place.

Here are a couple of pics of them before the incident at some Pre-Grammy party, where Rihanna probably flirted with her lover/producer/owner Jay-Z, or some other dude and Brown wasn’t too happy about it.

Sure it may be a good way to overshadow the Grammy’s and get some press, maybe it’s nothing Rihanna isn’t used to, you know being from the islands and all, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be excited when her handlers/crazed fans/family, step up and leave this Chris Brown asshole dead somewhere!

Update – It turns out that it probably wasn’t Rihanna and it was some other whore, I jumped the gun. I guess that just means their relationship was fabricated all along and just another media lie, maybe this whole beating up a girl was a lie, you know since anyone who dances like him has to be a fairy, so maybe he really beat up his mom or a guy dressed like a girl and now that the post is useless, I’ll just move the fuck on.

Another Update – It was Rihanna. Fuck these assholes are confusing…

Brown and Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, were apparently in a car together and got into an argument on North June Street, according to a Los Angeles Police Department statement. Brown stopped the car, the two got out, and the argument escalated, according to police.

A witness called 911, but Brown was gone when officers arrived at the scene. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker, according to police


Here are some pictures of Rihanna and Chris Brown Hump Dancing before he Pistol Whipped or whatever the fuck he did to her…


Here are RIhanna and Chris Brown Leaving in his rented Lambo, no wonder they fought, bitch doesn’t even own a real one, Rihanna expects better….

Here is Chris Brown after posting 50,000 dollar bail leaving jail, as the paparazzi laugh…

Here’s a video of Rihanna leaving the hospital cuz her pussy’s broken, and by pussy I mean face, which it is considered a pussy for gay men with colostomy bags, after their assholes have been sewn up due to disease.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown and Their Matching Star Tattoos of the Day

Chris Brown and RIhanna have pretty similar tattoos of stars near their ears. From my experience it’s always a good idea to permanently stain yourself with something that will always remind you of the glorious time you spent together, especially after you get your fucking heart broken and even the most simple things remind you of how much of a fucking cunt that bitch was for leaving me alone to fend for myself after I gave her my heart and everything else I possibly could, but that wasn’t good enough for her, a hotter, richer, more interesting person with a promise of a better life came along and left me in the fucking gutter with no choice but to drink and hate. You know, leaving you alone in the bathroom with a knife to your ear about to Van Gogh your motherfucking self to show that fucking cunt you don’t need them anymore, it’s a hell of a lot more dramatic than burning their belongings.

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Rihanna Does KFC of the Day

Well this joke kinda writes itself now doesn’t it. Rihanna and Chris Brown went to the place they met for a romantic date and some motherfuckin’ chicken. I mean I don’t want to sound racist or anything, but KFC is to black people what McDonald’s is to Asian people. Motherfuckers love that shit and there is really no arguing it.

I mean there have been times when I am broke and my wife insists on going to KFC on cheap Tuesday, because in Canada you get 2 pieces and fries for 2 dollars or some shit, and walking in to get her her 8 boxes, because even I won’t eat that shit, is like walking into Harlem, Compton or some project in Haiti.

This one time I walked out of there, after spending my wife’s 4 dollars on a couple meals, and 8 black dudes surrounded me and started hassling me for money, you know pushing me, trying to rough me up, one dude even showed me the handle to what I assume was a gun. I told them that I was just there for the chicken and didn’t have any money, so they frisked me and ended up running off with my chicken. I don’t want to sound racist, or imply that black people are criminals or that they will kill for KFC, I mean, I’m just telling a story about something that actually happened to me, so don’t hate me for it, hate the system for letting these fuckers get so poor they can’t even afford KFC on cheap night, unlike superstar Rihanna and her boyfriend Chris Brown, who like white people joining the country club or buying the Lexus, are showing off their success to the black community of the world by showing up to a KFC on a regular night, because in the black community, regular priced KFC is for rich folks….and I hate seeing people flaunt their wealth like that.

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Rihanna is in her Bikini with Chris Brown of the Day

So it is official, I am finally having low self esteem dreams. Last night, I had a dream that I was out partying with my wife back when she was hot. She ended up disappearing on me and running off with some 55 year old rich dude who wasn’t fat and I was scrambling trying to find her. When I did, she had just finished fucking the shit out of the dude and started telling me how much better he was than me and how she was going to be leaving me because she was in love. It turned out the dude was married and wanted nothing to do with her, so she came crawling back to a broken down me. Having no self esteem I took her back and from that point on she knew she had me by the balls.

The truth is that if that happened in my real life, where my wife is 300 pounds, I’d be happy as fuck if this happened because another man would mean that I wouldn’t have to do my husband duties once a month and service her greasy box like some kind of sick mechanic, like I have no choice to do right now, but for some reason waking up from that dream made me feel more worthless than I did going bed next to that bitch.

Speaking of love, here are some pictures of Rihanna with her boyfriend who she claims isn’t her boyfriend in Barbados in her bikini that are uninspiring, even though I find her hot, but they are good enough to start the day. I don’t like that she’s obnoxiously chosen a Pink jet ski, because I hate girls who are obsessed with the color pink and need all accessories to have some pink in it, but I do like their pink. I also like that she’s tapping into her African roots by wearing her Zebra inspired top and mismatched bottom like she can’t afford a bikini that matches like she was in the fuckin’ projects, but the top is good enough for me, it’s like Animal Planet and I would totally get Steve Irwin on her ass like we were at his Australian zoo and I was hunting that shit down to feed it, but Steve Irwin is dead and so is my motivation.

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Rihanna and Chris Brown Rock the Hot Tub of the Day

Here are some shitty pictures of Rihanna and Chris Brown in a hot tub and I am not just saying that because they are brown. I am saying it because my idea of a hot tub party is a lot dirtier than this tame zoo shit, like the kind of thing that gives you AIDS and not by having sex with a monkey, but by having sex with lots of dirty girls while they are having sex with each other, like what you see in a porno but more realistic because I’d be in it and my small penis would never get cast in a real life porno, just the ones in my head….

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