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Chris Brown’s Father’s House of the Day

If my son was some popstar who made a lot of money, even if he was my illegitimate that I was ashamed of for taking on a career as a light on his feet dancing like a pansy and not following the family tradition of working in a factory or a career in sports like a real man, even if I ran out on the family because they were too much work and effort and got in the way of drinking, even if I didn’t know he existed by had seen him on TV, you could be pretty much guaranteed, I wouldn’t be living in this fucking dump. Shit looks like a fucking double-wide trailer and sure that’s okay for some people, but not people who’s sons are famous enough to beat the fuck out of Rihanna. Seriously, I was lookin up property in Virginia or wherever the fuck they live and you can pick something like this up for 15 dollars and a carton of fucking cigarettes. Maybe Chris Brown should be spending less time renting lamborghini’s to kill girlfriend’s in and more time renting his pa something a little better than a modern version of the shanty’s the slaves on the plantation used to live in.

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Akon’s House of the Day

Here’s a video of Akon’s house and I decided to post it because I always love seeing the stars struggling during the economic and what better way to do that than watch these crib shows and see the ridiculous shit these people have, whether it is a fully professional kitchen, or an alligator pit in the middle of their living room floor, or even an indoor lap pool or a fingerprint lock to access the bedroom so he can’t get caught cheating on his chick, it all screams that these motherfuckers make too much money.

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