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Paris Hilton Denies Getting Rihanna Beat the Fuck Up of the Day

I didn’t know that Paris Hilton had a thing with Chris Brown and that people are speculating that she’s the girl who texted him that spiraled into Rihanna getting beat the fuck up like the second rate citizen she is, but then again, why the fuck would I know that? I don’t live in LA, Paris Hilton has a history of getting her beak of a nose into every scandal she can and when it comes to celebrity of the moment cock, Paris is the number one groupie, following them around, working her way into their pants, by tricking them into thinking she’s famous too, when all her career is, is an excuse to get cock because we all know she didn’t do it for the money, but she did it for the celebrity power that gets her all the cock she wants from even the A-Listers and it doesn’t really matter, because she denies any involvement, but loves the attention and she shows off her stupid Kanye blind-glasses, I thought the cheesy Jewish kids at Bar Mitzvah’s and Sweet 16s stopped on these shits 6 months ago.

I tried staging a Rihanna protest, where I got guys together to burn Rihanna CDs and posters and shit for ruining Chris Brown’s career, bitch. Unfortunately, no one showed up and even my friend who owes me a favor thought it was stupid, but I am still going on this mission because seeing and accepting a non-American taking an American’s job and hating on him for the fight he put up is unpatriotic.

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  • paleoman

    Too bad it wasn’t Paris that got her face mashed in. But then who could tell the difference.

  • BarbadoSlim

    I’m totally down with getting that foreigner the hell outta here.

  • 1001001

    Count me in. I hate how that bitch cuts her hair.