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Rihanna and Chris Brown and Their Matching Star Tattoos of the Day

Chris Brown and RIhanna have pretty similar tattoos of stars near their ears. From my experience it’s always a good idea to permanently stain yourself with something that will always remind you of the glorious time you spent together, especially after you get your fucking heart broken and even the most simple things remind you of how much of a fucking cunt that bitch was for leaving me alone to fend for myself after I gave her my heart and everything else I possibly could, but that wasn’t good enough for her, a hotter, richer, more interesting person with a promise of a better life came along and left me in the fucking gutter with no choice but to drink and hate. You know, leaving you alone in the bathroom with a knife to your ear about to Van Gogh your motherfucking self to show that fucking cunt you don’t need them anymore, it’s a hell of a lot more dramatic than burning their belongings.

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  • ixz

    I hate this bitch. I hate her voice it really irritates me and IMO she looks like a little boy (in the face).

  • Alo

    Thanks for this post!

    I really appreciated it! ^^