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Some Chris Brown Fans Beat Up Chicks in Hollywood of the Day

More Violence Against Women Erupts in Hollywood

I saw this video shot by the paparazzi about some girl they found outside a club passed out and covered in blood. Turns out that some guy was all up on her, trying to get her vagina, and I guess she either felt he wasn’t good enough for her, or maybe he creeped her the fuck out and it ended in her spitting on him, so he did what any guy would do and knocked her the fuck out. That’ll learn her not to bring her pussy out when some random dude asks for it.

I think a combo of cocaine, hip hop and Chris Brown getting off from beating up chicks is going to start a lot of copycat crimes, because last time I checked there were lots of angry dude out there and usually they are angry cuz girls snob them out.

Either way, the whole thing is pretty sick. Enjoy. You sick fuck.

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  • Dina

    F*ck assholes who hit women in the face. No matter what she did she is weaker than him physically and he had no right.

    He needs to be sent in prison and have this a$$ penetrated by a-holes like him.

  • Joe the Plumber

    He had every right. Bitch should have thought before putting a loogie between the brutha’s eyes.

    Sounds like she got the equal treatment all these feminists are always whining about. Even then she still gets off light, because a man probably gets shot doing the same stupid shit.

    Am I the only one thinking about the “Friday” movie?
    “Damn, you got knocked the f*ck out!”

  • HardOn

    Seriously what in the world do you think is going to happen if you spit in someone’s face & talk shit… on the street… AT NIGHT? If you want men to behave like gentlemen then act like a lady, keep your hands, spit, and other objects to yourself. Stop running up in grown men’s faces and acting like your fucking Wonder Women. Men usually let ladies get away with a lot of shit, but damn some ladies just keep pushing it. I don’t like seeing ladies victimized, but hell ladies I don’t like seeing other men abused by women either… you can’t physically do whatever you want to men, then turn around and whine about men hitting women! Stick to verbal attacks & psychological torture of men ladies the physical shits just gonna get most of you owned & fuck up your babies daddy’s credit.

  • tranceman

    Just more black bullshit. Who cares anymore????????

  • brewsky

    “so he did what any guy would do and knocked her the fuck out.”

    you’re so fucking offensive i love it.