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Keri Hilson’s Ridiculous See Through Shirt of the DAy

Keri Hilson is some singer you’ve probably heard of….3 years ago she had a pretty big album with Kanye West or some shit……

I know very little about her and I don’t really care to know about her…not because I’m racist…anyone who knows me knows that I’m angry about having never fucked a black girl…because black girls hate me….which would be racist if you replaced “Me” with “Not Eating Watermelon or Fried Chicken”….funny how the world works….you can generalize one way….like saying all black girls are sexy, but you can’t generalize another way…like saying all black vagina is big….even if all vagina is big for my clit sized dick….

But I do know that I like her fashion sense…more girls need no bra and shirts like this….even if they don’t have a low level celebrity image to endorse/remind us exists…

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Keri Hilson Showing Off Her Tits of the Day

Who the fuck is Keri Hilson? I mean other than a style icon reminding all the little girls what to wear to their first day of school this year….making me wish I was a school bus driver but I could never pass the drug tests….and none of my friends have clean piss either…we’re kinda degenerate….Oh right, she also had one song with Kanye West that’s allowed her to live the good life with her tits….and at least she’s sharing…when really she should be staring in sex tapes to take things to the next level of fame…but girls are so prude…especially ones who dress like this – so hungry for male attention cuz they were likely raped as a kid and now hate all dick when it gets close to entering them….at least that’s my theory…

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Keri Hilson in Fetish Gear Trying to Be Rihana Gaga of the Day

Here’s some bottom feeding Rihanna impersonator wearing some lingerie as outterwear, showing off tit with some military hat to make the whole thing that much more wild and crazy, unable to find her own place in the entertainment world cuz all the bullshit costumes have been taken, forcing her to forge her own way following the pack of pop star trash….dated and boring but still showing tits….get your own hustle bitch…

Eventually the world will discount all these puppets and embrace an actual individual and not one created in a fucking lab to sell records like Josie and the Pussycats….Yeah, I just referenced a Tara Reid movie, so what?

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Keri Hilson’s Letting Fame Get to her Head of the Day

As a fan of Motown. This is totally fucking obnoxious behavior on Keri Hilson’s part. Trust me, I’m not an elitist or a purist, or whatever you call those nerdy hipster idiots who aim for authentic, I hardly even know any of the Motown acts I’ve listened to, and really just like the coked up acts getting beat by their husbands and fucked by their white/jewish record execs….I just know that whatever is going on in these pictures offends me for some reason I can’t explain…. maybe it’s cuz she’s taking something from the past and trying to make it her own to the idiot kids who listen to her…maybe it’s the cockiness of pretending it is halloween when she’s only had one hit song, maybe it’s her lack of her own identity, anything for attention that would be better executed in the form of a sex tape and II know this isn’t a big deal, or even worth talkin about, but I guess if you want to get off to cleavage on a bitch dressed like it was the 60s and you pretend to be the record exec who took her out of the shanty and brought her to the top so that she’s forever indebted to your dick with her mouth….here’s your chance….

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Keri Hilson’s Tits Trying to Be Rihanna of the Day

Keri Hilson is still trying to be Rihanna, only now she’s not still doin it in front of the mirror for herself, or at family functions, but she is doing it at industry parties like she’s actually made, which I guess she technically has, sure she got to the top on a cheap coat tail ride trying to be the next Rihanna, sure know doors were broken down like she was Rosa Parks or anyone who really left a mark on the world, sure she’s just cookie cutter, white bread, immitation brand of a celebrity who won’t be remembered, but at least she wore a shirt I am willing to look at, otherwise, I wouldn’t have even noticed her standing over there, not that she cares if I notice her or not, I’m just trying to make a point….

Pics Via BauerGriffin

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Keri Hilson in Her Lingerie of the Day

Rihanna impersonator Keri Hilson is actually starting to get work. She’s not just Lil Wayne’s back-up singer anymore, she’s making her own way, carving her own path to reach her own destiny, she’s just ripping off everything she can about Rihanna along the way so that people talk about her and have something to compare her to, otherwise she’d just be another black whore who can sing and despite my black fetish, she’s not really makin’ the cut, maybe she’s too white and polished, or maybe I just don’t think she’s hot, but she is in her lingerie slutting it up like she does and he slutting it up is all that matters even if you don’t have it goin’ on…

Pics Via INF

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Chris Brown is Trying to Piss Off Rihanna With Her Impersonator of the Day

If you want to piss of your “ex-girlfriend” who you are actually engaged to be married to, depsite the little hick-up you had the night she got you arrested for beating the fuck out of her in some kind of publicity stunt, that has drawn a lot of attention to you guys, but has forced you to not be seen in public together because it’s bad PR, so you figure you might as well milk the shit even harder and play a bigger prank on the public, you should hire your girlfriend’s copycat, lookalike, imposter/impersonater, cuz it’ll get everyone who cares and believe this bullshit stunt talking.

You know a whole… “OMG, Chris Brown had Keri Hilson in his video, Rihanna must be so fuckin’ angry, cuz Keri Hilson is constantly compared to Rihanna and even has short hair, I can’t believe all the drama, this is so amazing, I wish I had a life of my own to focus on, instead I just worry about this meaningless smutty bullshit trash” kinda thing….

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Keri Hilson on Lil’ Wayne’s Dick of the Day

I am not hating Keri Hilson or her new album. She’s some Rihanna lookin’ girl who sings with rappers and she’s got some song with Lil Wayne. They were on stage and she said something along the lines of “There’s Nothin’ Lil About This Wayne”, implying he’s got a huge cock, which I guess she would know, because that’s how she got signed in the first fuckin’ place. Good work girl, we all have dreams and gotta reach them somehow.

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