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Keri Hilson on Lil’ Wayne’s Dick of the Day

I am not hating Keri Hilson or her new album. She’s some Rihanna lookin’ girl who sings with rappers and she’s got some song with Lil Wayne. They were on stage and she said something along the lines of “There’s Nothin’ Lil About This Wayne”, implying he’s got a huge cock, which I guess she would know, because that’s how she got signed in the first fuckin’ place. Good work girl, we all have dreams and gotta reach them somehow.

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  • rainbone

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  • celticdiablo

    Keri Hilson is a producer that has been around for a long time. She just now decided to start singing more than producing and writing. This doesn’t mean that she isn’t fucking Lil Wayne, but she can handle her own in the music business.

  • Expletive Big Man Politics

    No she isn’t fucking little wayne,and i’m sure she’s holding her own, but man, if she gave me the word, i’d fuck my dick off, reattach that fucker and fuck it off again and again, i’d cum till i died be reinstated and cum until every drop of semen either died, was skeeted or is swimming about in keri hilson. She is so fucking nice, the only person i have a bigger hard on for—and by bigger all six inches of this usually limp fucking dick of mine—is Olivia Munn. Now Munn, I’d suck her cunt till I tasted bile.

    So we don’t get it twisted, FUCK WEEZY FUCKS BABY.

  • CM

    The Fact that she writes all of Rihana’s/Britney’s/justin timberlakes/ music, is probably the fact that she got signed, not to mention she is fuckin beautiful, unlike canoe head Rihanna.