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Vote for Chris Brown at the Kid’s Choice Awards of the Day

I was just emailed this, which means it’s already all over the fucking internet, but it’s post on Myspace by Chris Brown’s people urging his fans to vote for him at the Kid’s Choice awards and everyone seems to think that’s so fucking crazy.

Now last time I checked, beating your wife and getting away with it, because she’s some scared girl with no family who found comfort in you, and who you have by the fuckin’ tits, because she will never leave you, especially when that girl is hot as shit Rihanna and not some mail order bride or homeless chick you scooped up at the bus station, makes you a fuckin’ hero, but the kind of hero we’re not allowed to talk about, and that needs to be communicated with today’s youth, because women were getting a little too lippy, independent and forgot the way nature intended it, before modern thought and equal rights came into play.

More importantly, what dude does in his personal time shouldn’t reflect his work, or the message from his personal life, shouldn’t overshadow his commercial work.

Not to mention if Rihanna can forgive him and move the fuck on, so can all you motherfuckers, sure call her an idiot all you want, but she knows what went on better than you so you should go vote for this guy, since I know you spend most your time on Nickolodeon message boards looking for love, you probably already have.

Point of all this is to say, the guy’s a fuckin idiot, he should lay low for a fucking couple more weeks, while people forget, unless this whole thing is a publicity stunt, in which case, keep p the good work mother fuckers.

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