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Liz Hurley’s Nipples Do India Proper of the Day

I always laugh when I see Indian women walking down the street in their pajamas. Maybe I am ignorant towards other culture, or maybe these bitches just look funny in their silk oversized outfits….don’t get me wrong, I fingered myself to Slum Dog Millionaire as much as the next guy, because despite the smell of curry, Indian woman can tend to be very beautiful if they are not overly hairy, as many of them are, but I think everyone’s opinion on sitting next to one of them on the bus would change pretty fast if they dressed the way Liz Hurley has decided they should, and that’s tits first, nipples out, amazingness, but unfortunately if they did do that, their husbands would probably murder them, since they have other wifes to fall back on and don’t need that disgraceful behavior…not that I know what I am talking about…I just know all this is to say more girls with great tits need to take on different cultures and slut the shit up. I think it will do amazing things for bridging the gap of their weirdness by turning shit into a more tolerant experience…..

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India Doesn’t Like Valentine’s Day of the Day

I guess I am not the only one who thinks Valentine’s Day is a fucking scam. Not to say I’m not a romantic, everyday is Valentine’s Day in my house, like just this past weekend I totally staged a fight with my wife that ended with her tied to a chair with access to four bags of chips and went on a 36 hour bended to try to take advantage of horny, sad, lonely, insecure girls by swooning them with flowers, candy and stuffed toys I got at the Salvation. It obviously didn’t work out for me, but at least I didn’t have to deal with my cunt wife and her heavy breathing that sounds like she’s choking on her chin.

She was pretty mad when I got home, but not as mad as I was when I had to clean up the shit and piss mess she left from soiling herself because I didn’t think through the whole bathroom situation when I left her.

I’m just joking, I didn’t do that, I just ignored her and didn’t answer her calls, but there’s no fun in that, since romance is all about kidnapping and abandoning.

Either way, this video is of some girl getting beat by cops for celebrating Valentine’s Day, a policy I suggest we instill in North America as it will prevent a lot of people from hating themselves and a lot of guys from having to pretend they love the bitch they have a prison sentence with.

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The Black Lips Get Kicked Out of India of the Day

I don’t know if you have you ever heard of the band The Black Lips. I have no idea how popular they are, but I do know that I went to one of their shows around 2 years ago and they were fucking amazing. Sure I had done a little too much bathtub GHB and drank as much as I usually do, that usually leads to blacking out, so I don’t remember much of it and truthfully, I could have been sitting in a park outside the concert all night and wouldn’t know the fucking difference, but when I listened to the album a couple weeks ago, it brought back all these memories of meeting the lead singer before the show and him being quiet and reserved and me thinking to myself that the show is going to suck, then seeing him get on stage and rock the fuck out all while spitting on people. Good times.

Either way, I got tips saying that the band got kicked the fuck out of India because one of them decided to play the guitar with his dick and that’s considered inappropriate in India. So the tour was cancelled and they fled to avoid jail time.

Sure, I don’t know why he’d want to play guitar with his dick, I’d be more inclined to throw my feces on the crowd if I was in their position like some kind of caged monkey, but then I realized they are in India and they like that kind of thing, I mean how else did they get so brown and stinky, rubbing in human feces year after year is really the only explanation.

I got some videos/mp3s/stories for you about the black lips if you’re down. I think they are worth your time and that’s why I did this post. It’s not like I get paid for this shit.

I am not racist, the guy who sells me beer is from India and he’d approve that statement. He’s told me time and time again India smells like shit and I’ve eaten Indian food and know exactly what that does to my asshole/toilet/alley I’m in. It’s all part of their shit bathing plan. Asshole.

Here’s a Video Trailer of their India Tour

Here’s a Letter they Sent From India Explaining What Happened

Heres one of their Tracks for You Because the Band is Good

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