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The Black Lips Get Kicked Out of India of the Day

I don’t know if you have you ever heard of the band The Black Lips. I have no idea how popular they are, but I do know that I went to one of their shows around 2 years ago and they were fucking amazing. Sure I had done a little too much bathtub GHB and drank as much as I usually do, that usually leads to blacking out, so I don’t remember much of it and truthfully, I could have been sitting in a park outside the concert all night and wouldn’t know the fucking difference, but when I listened to the album a couple weeks ago, it brought back all these memories of meeting the lead singer before the show and him being quiet and reserved and me thinking to myself that the show is going to suck, then seeing him get on stage and rock the fuck out all while spitting on people. Good times.

Either way, I got tips saying that the band got kicked the fuck out of India because one of them decided to play the guitar with his dick and that’s considered inappropriate in India. So the tour was cancelled and they fled to avoid jail time.

Sure, I don’t know why he’d want to play guitar with his dick, I’d be more inclined to throw my feces on the crowd if I was in their position like some kind of caged monkey, but then I realized they are in India and they like that kind of thing, I mean how else did they get so brown and stinky, rubbing in human feces year after year is really the only explanation.

I got some videos/mp3s/stories for you about the black lips if you’re down. I think they are worth your time and that’s why I did this post. It’s not like I get paid for this shit.

I am not racist, the guy who sells me beer is from India and he’d approve that statement. He’s told me time and time again India smells like shit and I’ve eaten Indian food and know exactly what that does to my asshole/toilet/alley I’m in. It’s all part of their shit bathing plan. Asshole.

Here’s a Video Trailer of their India Tour

Here’s a Letter they Sent From India Explaining What Happened

Heres one of their Tracks for You Because the Band is Good

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I am – Black Lips Do Tijuana of the Day

Some companies have their PR people email me all day long with useless information about MTV video releases or movies I’ve never heard of coming out on DVD because they went straight to DVD. I always write them back with canned excitement like the laugh track in a shitty sitcom and pretend that I am going to link them because being linked on this site is like not being linked at all. I always try to get them to send me free stuff and so far I’ll I’ve had sent to me is a DVD to some movie I have never heard of that went straight to DVD that I said I’d giveaway on the site, but can’t be bothered because I’d have to get off my couch, go to the post office and pay for the shipping…

Not to mention, I have 10 readers so I don’t even know why I am on the fucking mailing list to begin with…but anyway I got this from VICE, a shitty company who haven’t done fucking SHIT for me in the 2.5 years of running the site, except hook me up with a pass to their DVD launch party that sucked. I’d rather a full page front cover ad in your shitty magazine for free, but anyway their PR chick sent me a pic of a Mexican getting finger banged and it got my attention…Vice is still a waste of your time but as long as they send me vagina pictures I’ll help them promote the trash they are promoting.

So we’re putting out a live record from this band the Black Lips tomorrow. It’s called Los Valientes del Mundo Nuevo and we basically sent them to Tijuana and said, go. There was free Tecate 40s and tequila and kids got fucking ridiculous.
You can see a chick finger popping on stage in the trailer

And one of our enterprising correspondents nailed this shot of some fucked up kids who passed out while doing a terrible finger blasting job.

Watch their Shit Trailer GOGOGO

And if you’re more into helping me out….

Click this link demanding a free full page ad for my site in VICE. I’d appreciate it and love you….it’s like we’re protesting and shit together. Fucking Hippie…

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