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Liz Hurley’s Nipples Do India Proper of the Day

I always laugh when I see Indian women walking down the street in their pajamas. Maybe I am ignorant towards other culture, or maybe these bitches just look funny in their silk oversized outfits….don’t get me wrong, I fingered myself to Slum Dog Millionaire as much as the next guy, because despite the smell of curry, Indian woman can tend to be very beautiful if they are not overly hairy, as many of them are, but I think everyone’s opinion on sitting next to one of them on the bus would change pretty fast if they dressed the way Liz Hurley has decided they should, and that’s tits first, nipples out, amazingness, but unfortunately if they did do that, their husbands would probably murder them, since they have other wifes to fall back on and don’t need that disgraceful behavior…not that I know what I am talking about…I just know all this is to say more girls with great tits need to take on different cultures and slut the shit up. I think it will do amazing things for bridging the gap of their weirdness by turning shit into a more tolerant experience…..

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  • Drunken Pig

    I’ve often thought some paki chicks are pretty hot…but then reality sets in when you catch a whiff of them…then you imagine just how rancid smelly and hairy their snatches are!!..boner be gone!!

  • Perv

    I’d fuck Liz hurley until neither of us could walk again. Great body especially for an older chick.

  • HornyLohanWanker

    Perv, I would wait in line to get my cock inside that piece of cunny.

    That ex husband of hers who liked to fuck trannies ought to cut his dick off. Seriously.

  • Bob Smith

    I know in the day she was considered one of the most beautiful celbrities, but you realize every guy has walked out on her?

    She must be the biggest cunt in the U.K.

  • Marge Lominack

    my spouse and i wish ough ended up my mum

  • Adam

    Oh man Indian women smelly like shit. I’d never want to date a hairy ape like those bitches. Anglo
    women all the way 😉