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Britney Spears and Her Panty Soup of the Day

< You can't hate on Britney for having her period because according to science most women get their periods until they get old and dry up. What you can do is think it's kinda gross because periods are pretty fucking unnatural and disgusting even if science tries to trick us into thinking they are normal. Seeing a grown woman with rape-scene stained underwear just makes me think she doesn't keep her junk as clean as she should and although slip ups may happen to the best of us, the amount of blood on this shit is more a question of hygiene because this kinda shit is only acceptable when the bitch is 10 years old and sitting in the back of the class in a pair of white pants. I guess this is all part of the fall from the top, because when you're crazy, it's normal to forget to shove a tampon in or to think flashing your bloody panties will prove some kind of point and this is one step closer to her smearing feces all over hers naked body then lighting her hair on fire and running into traffic, which is what I'm lookin forward for but that's just because I love poo.

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  • mike paahana

    she a skanky ho jus like my gf

  • Kymmy Tours

    That is fuckin disquisting man! What kind of sick weirdo would want to post a photo of Brit’s bloody twat? Some of the things she does diserves to be in the public eye. But not at the expence of the first day of her period!!!!!!!!!

  • cigaretto420

    id eat them bloody panties

  • loves_twat

    me too 😛 first i would lick them clean

  • Ryan Versaw

    >>While I agree with the scientific discussion about menstruation and and inevitability of it, I think this photograph is hilarious for three reasons. The first will always be my hatred for pop stars like Brittany Spears due to their willingness to conceal their personalities. Secondly, I posess undying hatred for Brittany because of the lack of risk she takes in daily life and her music. My third reason, different than the previous two, accentuates my previous hatred with even deeper resentment of people that expose themselves to the public eye and hide still hide their personality but not their smell or their blood. Please read hollywood and realize that this picture demonstrates that public stars cannot hide everything from the public eye. Keep bleeding love Brittany. You know we love to see you squirm.

    Laugh Long, Love Life,

    Ryan Versaw

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  • Enriqueta, as fresh as she does in that pic? Mmmm… I’d take those panties off her and lick that poo hole caked in menstral blood. Mmmmm……… That’s why I weear diapers on my period. I can collect a days worth of blood and then lick it up.