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Rachel Hunter Braless at the Beach of the Day

So these pictures were called Rachel Hunter braless at the beach and I figured I’d post them even though I can’t tell whether bitch is in a bra or not and don’t really see why it matters if she is in a bra or not. Caring about whether a washed up model has a bra on or not is pretty fucking desperate but the good news for Rachel Hunter is that her tits are perkier than Britney. Then again my limp penis is perkier than Britney’s tits and if Britney’s tits were shit, they’d be diarrhea.

Either way, good job Rachel Hunter for finding herself some kind of boy toy who probably used to jerk off to her swinsuit modeling pics in the 80 before he became rich enough to seduce her. I can’t really tell how old he is, but I can tell that he’s definitely not taking Rachel and her big-ness to the gym with him. This is probably not the best way to end a post, but I am still sick and still have a fever so I really don’t care about trying to think up a closer. Asshole.

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