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Jennifer Garner Getting Her Ass Smelled By A Dog of the Day

These are some pictures that hit last week and I wanted to post them but never really got to them because I am lazy even though they are funny. I was going to go off about how period’s aren’t natural again, because it seemed to be a hit with the feminist lesibians, but I decided to tell you a little story about this retarded dude I once knew and his dog who loved periods more than the average guy, even though the average guy secretly fucking loves periods because it means we didn’t knock our bitch up this month and it’s a time for celebration, a celebration that only lasts about a minute until we realize that our bitches are going to be pains in the ass, not put out and expect us to be sensitive to their needs for the next 5 days.

That said, this retarded dude I knew had this dog and he would take his dog on walks and this dog would sniff more pussy than a lesbian pornstar and every single time the dog would work it’s way into a stranger’s cunt, the retard would point and laugh and scream “you’re on your period” then laugh hysterically. The girls he would usually embarrass doing this too would usually just blush and walk away as fast as she could to get away from the creepy retard, but one time he did it to a teenager who was with her father and apparently father’s don’t like retards talking about their teenage daughter’s periods and the retard got institutionalized and his period-sniffing dog was sent into the police force as is doing really well sniffing out drugs at the airport. I lied about the last part. It happens.

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