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Tara Reid Celebrating Chinese New Years of the Day

Tara Reid doesn’t really need a reason to party, bitch will get wasted just to celebrate waking up in the morning, but for some reason she’s out celebrating Chinese New Year this past weekend with her little gay friend like she was Chinese. There’s something really arousing about seeing a girl in a stained dress leaving a party wasted that makes the animal in me want to follow her back home like I was invited to watch her sleep. Unfortunately never sleeps, she just keeps on going like some lifelong rave Energizer Bunny hopped up on substances so I guess I can only dream of making some more stains that count on her dress, none of this too drunk to hold my drink so I spill on myself bullshit, I’m talking about semen and vomit….two things that go hand it hand when it comes to me.

Here are Some Bonus Pics from the Event of some Hot Body Painted Chick and Some Sarah Jessica Parker Bitch Named Hofit Golan With Her Retarded Big Tits

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