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Britney Spears isn’t Crazy She’s Just Embarrassed of Her White Trash Dad of the Day

If you watch this video of Britney’s chaos last night that had to do with some kind of manic episode that her manager is blaming on her paparazzi boyfriend, you’ll see her redneck child-molesting lookin’ father telling the paparazzi to fuck off and that was the highlight of the video.

Reality is, who gives a fuck about Britney’s mental health issues and demise, or her sleazy immigrant boyfriend’s rise to the top, or her sister’s teenage pregnancy when you’ve got this toothless fuck who talks out of the side of his mouth like a small town tractor mechanic buying bullets at the local Wal Mart because he’s got rats in his shanty he calls home, to laugh at.

It is one of those things that proves that America is the land of dreams and anyone can become rich and famous no matter what sewage pipe their family crawled out of…All kidding aside, I am sure his daughter’s drama is putting strain on his family and has forced him to miss some KKK meetings back home, which is too bad because I heard his local chapter got themselves a gay black jewish dude last week and that’s like a trophy for they are so rare to come by.

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