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Avril Lavigne is a Pregnant Skater Girl in a Bikini of the Day

The thing I like about girls who dress like boys is that they have vaginas, the thing I don’t like about girls who dress like boys is that they dress like boys. I was never a fan of the skater chicks even though they were the tom boys who’d get wasted with you, wrestle with you and spit on hot chicks with you. They would never worry about getting dirty or messy but with never worrying about getting dirty comes a whole lot of smells I’d rather not get down with. But when her crusty baggy jeans she’s been wearing all week slipped off and her dirty skate shoes that make her feet smell like dude come off and her drunken mismatched sock wearing ass crawls into your bed and that ass is on a fit little body from all the running around pretending like she’s a female Steve-O while learning how to Ollie and moshing at punk concerts, makes the cross dressing ok.

Either way, the word in Canada is that Avril is pregnant according to Sum 41’s friend, which only seems normal, since everyone is fucking pregnant and let’s hope that video from the birth gets leaked on the internet, because watching babies squeeze out of celebrity vagina is my new porn.

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