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Britney Spears See Through Halter Top of the Day

I don’t think Britney is any crazier than the bitch I used to date who woke me up with a knife to my throat because she thought I was cheating on her with the checkout clerk at the grocery store because I told her she was cute, or the bitch I found overdosed in the bathtub convulsing after having sex with me, or the bitch who used to fuck everything that walked behind my back and would come home to me begging me to marry her, or even my current wife who emotionally eats herself to death but really doesn’t give me all that many headaches except when she doesn’t shower.

So this whole Britney bi-polar shit is just excuses or labels on things that really don’t need labels, because the reality is that Britney is just a chick and in being a chick she’s just emotionally unstable and I blame it on her period.

Either way, she’s running around in see-through halter tops that make us all feel like we are lying in her bed and she’s dressing up all sexy for us in hopes of having a special night together that leads to making a replacement baby for her and this whole free-spirited take on life is pretty fuckin’ entertaining, because the people want to know and Britney’s giving us what we want and crazy or not, that’s a pretty nice gift. Thanks.

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