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Kirsten Dunst in Rehab of the Day


Drunken table scraps Kirsten Dunst never stopped drinking, people just stopped caring. I remember a time when every time she went out and got drunk everyone wanted to know, but then real celebrities started crawling into the gutter and all of a sudden the bitch who was always in the gutter became totally irrelevant to us because we like to watch people’s demise, we just don’t like watching people who started at the bottom staying at the bottom because it gets boring and maybe that’s the reason she drinks….

Either way, this is what Star reported:

“She desperately needed help,” a source in Utah tells Star. “She seemed to be intoxicated when she checked in because she was acting really erratic. She was extremely emotional, constantly breaking down in tears.

“She not in a good place right now, but thankfully, she’s getting the help she needs.”

Via Star Magazine

I guess she signed into rehab in efforts to show people how crazy she is, and that she is in a bad place like Britney and Lohan too and she’s not some washed up drunk, but that’s just because she didn’t shower. What she didn’t realize is that we all realized how crazy she was the night she drank a 40 of whiskey and pissed all over herself at the company Christmas party before trying to finger bang the bosses daughter. No wait, that was me….

Either way, we aren’t laughin’ at how you finally cracked, we are laughing at how you slur your words, you drunken bitch.

Rehab is useless and designed for losers are people trying to clean up their image, since Kirsten has no image to clean up I can only assume she’s a fuckin’ loser.

These pictures are old.

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