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Charlize Theron is Acting a Fool at Harvard of the Day

So Charlize Theron won a Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year award from Harvard Theatre troupe and she seems to have drank a little too much at the ceremony and is acting a fool and I find it hot. I guess what it all comes down to is that I never went to the circus growing up and have always felt like I messed up so I have a fetish for girls who don’t take themselves too seriously and dress like clowns. It’s like the time I was all about the girl who spray painted herself gold and stood still all day on the street corner pretending to be a statue who would break into juggle every time someone would throw change in her bucket…..

I think the amazing thing in all this is that Harvard has enough power to honor someone with an award and have them actually show up to accept because if I set up an award system on this site I can guarantee that none of the winners would come to the ceremony to accept the award. I guess that has something to do with not being Harvard but may also have to do with having the ceremony in my bathroom while taking a shower, but that’s just because it’s the only place I get alone time in my shitty one room apartment. It’s really where all the magic happens. My naked fat body on my imaginary stage talking to the mirror…I should set up a webcam in that shit and let you in on the fun. Homo.

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  • jm0016

    Maybe she’s trying to lighten things up as she’s had a run of bad publicity lately..