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Kat Von D is a Tattooed Jew Hater of the Day

I wasn’t too surprised when I heard Kat Von D Hates Jews , but that’s just because I hate tattooed bitches and feel like if they feel the need to do this to their bodies they have to either hate themselves or hate society and are probably part of some kind of Neo Nazi group that meet in church basements to discuss how to win the white power back. I am sure that amongst the mess that is her body and that reminds me of my highschool notebook that I would use to write obscenities, draw retarded doodles of girls getting huge dicks in their asses amongst other shit instead of getting an education resulting in a jobless life of writing a website no one reads between binge drinking sessions, sure it’s not all that bad but I could of been a doctor and doctors get to see all kinds of pussy…even the kind that people don’t normally want to see.

All that to say that Kat Von D may be denying these accusations of her hating on the jews but I guess it would be a bad PR move to admit she wants Jewbags to burn in hell considering the industry she is working in is run by jews….These are some pictures of her at some event looking like a disgusting racist mess disguised as some alternative model clown who’s daddy didn’t love her enough forcing her to destroy her body to get attention by being so different because body art isn’t art it’s a cry for help…..

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  • jewishman

    son, you are off your fuckin ‘ed.

  • FUCK JEWS. FUCK MEXICANS. FUCK NIGGERS. FUCK ‘EM ALL. QUIT YOUR BITCHING AND GET AN EDUCATION. FUCKING FUCK. WHITE POWER. I am a tattooed jew hater. Don’t forget who runs things in modern AmeriKKKa.


  • steve

    you realize she’s hispanic, right? so it wouldnt really make sense to do some white power/neo nazi stuff considering those very people wouldnt have anything to do with her considering her race?

  • Amanda14

    YOUR THE BIGGEST FUCKING IDIOT I HAVE EVER HEARD. first off kat von d is part hispanic, there for she is not White Power, nor neo nazi. I am white, and i am proud of it.. I have tattoos and thank you very much but my father loved me, tattoos are not a cry for help you degenerate piece of shit. You say that you hate “tatooed bitches” probably because your some fucking low life fat old man who sits online smack talking people whom clearly have more a life than you and want nothing to do with someone like yourself. And for another there is nothing wrong with White Power.. What are you may i ask? Who the fuck doesnt hate jews, you clearly are not one in the fashion you are referring them to. kat von d is a very talented, beautiful lady.. GO FUCK YOUR SELF.

  • what a little twat. fuck kat D, but your just as much a judgemental douche. If she hates jews, she has the same lame ass mentality you have about tattoos, or evidently many hundreds of people who you don’t know. You ever buy or collect or enjoy something that thousands of other people do, like say, i don’t know, food or tv, or clothing…well that’s how most of us feel about tattoos. Tattoos aren’t taboo anymore, and there not diffrent just by having them anymore..but fuck it, they look cool.

  • bambam

    i just want to say, i dont hate myself, and i love society. its people like you that promote racial hate, by hating to arogantly.
    get some social lessons and learn that looks can be decieving.

  • lisa

    hey hey, im tattooed and i dont hate myself, nor am i a racist, i love all people, and i dont believe kat is racist, its media bullshit!!!

  • disturbedfan

    swastika you hatemongering little fuck, i ain’t jewish in fact i’m an aetheist but go on you step up to david draiman and talk that shit he’ll put you in your groveling ass kissing place.

  • Soma

    What a pathetic, sad little attention seeker who ever wrote this article.

    Get a fucking life.

  • you’re the type of guy who talks a whole lot of shit on the internet, but deep down you KNOW you’re a complete pussy. i will fuck you up any time or place shithead.

  • pleimobile

    hahaha youre so funny and sad at the same time, try to get a girlfriend and maybe youll stop being such a pathetic fatty boy crying for attention after masturbating watching kat D pics in ur mom’s house.


  • yiou sakk

    whoever wrote this,you’re a fuckin retarded piece of shit and probably 16 years old or somewhere near that.all your opinions are basically founded on nothing,not even educated guesses.because no education ever got near you.how can one person be so ignorant and fuckin dumb at the same time?what do tattoes have to do with nazis or facism of any kind?NOTHING is what.people like you is why people like me hate society,and not all of it,just the “people-like-you” faction of society that always tries to talk about things their little brains cannot comprehend.fuck stupid people,fuck jews,fuck christians,in fact FUCK all religions and the people supporting them.you are holding back progress in every way possible.whoever wrote this fuckin kill yourself right now and safe us all a lot of time,because you know you’re a useless piece of shit that will never amount to anything.fuck you.

  • Emergency situations only, Your eyebrows give?While youre swinging, of people forced.Thought you would, Here Now Make.Of defining your Haters, certain conditions unless dirt particles and.Eliminate periods for, hair away from.,

  • tattooed

    You’re a fucking retard. Your blog is a lame and everyone hates you.

  • a literate person

    “but I could of been a doctor”

    Good luck with that!

  • i just wanted to say that something to hate that is different from oneself is racist, so you are racist my friend, because you hate someone just because hes tattooed, how dumb is that? tattoos rock and so Kat does

    sry im from germany so my english isnt that good, oh i forgot im german that makes me probably a nazi too? lmao, how ridiculous..

  • fgntgthrg

    i dont give a fuck about this slut but your kind of a fucking idiot arent you?

  • I adore tattoos and don’t for a minute regret having any of them, I’m currently getting a angel tattoo down my left arm can’t wait to get it finished! as can only afford smallsessions at anytime. My artist is very experienced and also extremly expensive but, he’s worth it! Fantastic site btw

  • Well the author of this post seems to have some serious issues. I can only imagine that this is some ugly to plain looking girl (probably got issues bout being over weight) and was bullied by trendy pretty gothic type girls in high school………Now even too this day she feels inferior when she is around these types of girls and therefore feels the need to flame them on the internet, because they are too timid in real life to say what she really wants to say to their faces.

    This topic is not bout racists or tattoos….Posts as passionate as the one above are always fueled by someones pathetic attempt to get revenge………I very much doubt the author has the guts to say this to Kat’s face.