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Jesse James and the Genius Career Move of the Day

Last time I checked – most of Hollywood are Jews and Jews really don’t ever find Nazi jokes funny. Even the disconnected self-hating Jews have issues dressing up and dancing around the room like they were Hitler or even laughing at the guy they gave a TV show doing the shit under any context even if it’s a party game, except maybe if it was a movie where Hilter is just being represented for historical reasonso….So I can assume this is career suicide in terms of his TV career….

Last time I checked – most divorce Lawyers are Jews and Jews don’t really like representing Nazis, but I guess since Lawyers are a different breed of human who understand a high profile case that will lead to more business whether the client is a Nazi, a murderer, a child rapist or not….

See, I am not affected by this shit, but even I know it’s a stupid fucking joke. Sure, he wasn’t affected by WWII and it’s a funny taboo thing to joke about when you have no skill at making jokes, especially amongst your hardcore tattooed up punk rock friends…the same friends who were skinheads in the 80s and who haven’t dropped the “Fuck the World” attitude….. He’s not Jewish, so he doesn’t really give a fuck about offending his grandmother who is a survivor and I am sure it wasn’t even his intention…he was probably just mocking Hitler cuz someone had the hat lying around not thinking a picture would ever be taken or released. Just a stupid decision….

I’m just waiting for the Sandra Bullock Nazi photos to surface cuz you know when these two first met she was trying to suck up to him and fit in with him any way she could….I would love for it to hit so people realize what their American Sweetheart really is…a Nazi fucking cunt….cuz I am tired of everyone falling into her marketing trap…there is no way she’s this nice, all american girl you see in the movies…we don’t know her…we see what they want us to see…

Either way, dude is an idiot who doesn’t know how to cover his ass. He made himself look bad last week and now he’s made himself look real bad…and this is career suicide at its best….

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Politician Disses a Chick of the Day

I don’t follow American politics or really any politics because the government annoys me, especially after meeting a chick in a bar who is an event coordinator for one event that the government puts on once a year and gets paid 150,000 dollars a year and travels from country to country to see how the rest of the world put on their similiar events, staying in expensive hotels with expense accounts on top of the insane amount of money she already makes and bitch was laughin at me about it, cuz even she thought it was too fuckin good to be true, reminding me that taxpayers pay for that shit and I don’t really hang in circles where government employees hang out meaning hundreds of people probably have it better than this girl who thought she was scammin the world…when she was actually scammin’ all of you…

That said, this republican congressman made me laugh when talking to a woman who compared Obama to Hitler, cuz everyone knows she should be comparing him to Denzel Washington and because Hitler was less into healthcare and more into ripping people out of their homes with none of their possessions and sent to camps where they were tortured, tested on, and killed….a little less dramatic than introducing healthcare to a people who don’t like healthcare…….

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Jamie Foxx and His Nazi Boogie Board of the Day

Everyone is calling Jamie Foxx a racist for being on a Boogie Board with a Swastika on it, while all I see is the fuckin’ comedy of anyone on a Boogie Board. It’s like shit’s made for 10 year old girls who don’t know how to surf and lame people who are too pussy to learn how to surf. It’s like the equivalent of how gay rollerblading looks next to skateboarding, or skiing looks next to snowboarding, or tandem bikes look to mountain bikini, or paddle boats look to white water rafting.

So who cares that there are some icons on the shit, like a Star of David, Swastika and Peace sign in some gay fuckin’ message of peace someone pulled while back backing the area like a dirty tree hugging hippie poser in Birkenstocks wrote to leave his mark after renting the boogie board his “LonelyPlanet” Guide told him to do, so that he can come home for his second year of college and bore everyone he knows including his pseudo-intellectual Poli-Sci buddies in his class about his shitty summer travels that were so fuckin’ life changing, culturally riveting, enlightening and inspiring that no one cares about, but make him think he’s a fuckin’ expert.

The truth is, who cares that there’s a Swastika on his shit, if I was renting a Boogie Board, the least of my concerns would be what the other loser who rented it before me wrote on it, and more about whether anyone around me would notice me carrying a Boogie Board to go use in the ocean like an 8 year old girl. It’s the same shame that comes every time my wife makes me carry her purse.

I guess all this to say is that Swastikas are just a misunderstood peace sign that got some bad press in the 40s and symbols don’t breed hate or make you a racist…burning crosses in white robes on people’s front yards does.

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Kat Von D is a Tattooed Jew Hater of the Day

I wasn’t too surprised when I heard Kat Von D Hates Jews , but that’s just because I hate tattooed bitches and feel like if they feel the need to do this to their bodies they have to either hate themselves or hate society and are probably part of some kind of Neo Nazi group that meet in church basements to discuss how to win the white power back. I am sure that amongst the mess that is her body and that reminds me of my highschool notebook that I would use to write obscenities, draw retarded doodles of girls getting huge dicks in their asses amongst other shit instead of getting an education resulting in a jobless life of writing a website no one reads between binge drinking sessions, sure it’s not all that bad but I could of been a doctor and doctors get to see all kinds of pussy…even the kind that people don’t normally want to see.

All that to say that Kat Von D may be denying these accusations of her hating on the jews but I guess it would be a bad PR move to admit she wants Jewbags to burn in hell considering the industry she is working in is run by jews….These are some pictures of her at some event looking like a disgusting racist mess disguised as some alternative model clown who’s daddy didn’t love her enough forcing her to destroy her body to get attention by being so different because body art isn’t art it’s a cry for help…..

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