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Drew Barrymore and the Mac Guy on the Beach of the Day

These pictures hit the internet last week when my website was being hacked and I couldn’t update it, not that I would have, because I kinda hate all you fuckers for trying to bring me down, even if you didn’t have anything to do with it. I still feel like my English teacher who we all hated because she was a cunt and figured the best revenge we could get on her is convince the weird got chick before got existed to dump some chemical we stole in chemistry class into her cranberry juice. If you’re wondering why she was drinking cranberry juice, it was probably because she had a UTI from doin’ some ass to pussy fuckin’. The juice ended up having a chemical reaction with whatever the goth chick dumped in her drink and when the teacher went for a sip, she noticed it had turned green and chunky, so she didn’t drink it and reality is, I probably wouldn’t have let her. I am more into bitches on all fours naked then poisoned, call me crazy.

Speakin of all fours, here’s Drew Barrymore in a bikini, when she really should be wearing more clothes. Bitch has no business showing off her uneven tits and when I look at these pictures all I see is cunt and not the kind I like, more like the kind I would convince a goth girl to drop some mystery powder in her expensive cocktail, but that’s just because she annoys me and likes getting high. I guess the good news is that 2 people destined to die alone because everyone hates them because they are ugly, found each other and can now frolic in the surf so in love, like starring in their very own shitty love story no one cares to watch.

I guess the good news for you is that a Zach Braff muppet lookin’ mac guy can still get laid, because let’s face it, Drew Barrymore may not be hot but a lot of guys will still fuck her tattooed ass, while Mac Guy is just one ugly fucker who, like you spent most of his 20s not getting laid from anyone. These pictures bring hope….

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  • drgirlfri3nd

    You GO Mac Guy!! Tear that old skanky ass up!

  • Um, almost all women has ‘uneven tits’.

    Drew looks great! It’s good to see her slimmed down again.


  • LMAO dude, thats fucking Justin Long….he was in Idiocracy, and since that movie is fucking amazing….i gotta stick up for him and say hes awesome…even if hes banging out Drew.

  • I love Drew Barrymore and you can bite my ass.

  • tony

    drew has a thing for weird guys. she DID marry tom green-

    who the fuck wants to be with tom green? nobody. not even his nuts want to stay around with him for that long.

  • Jonny

    Dude, like seriously, quit being so angry. You’re commentary is trash, so omit the words and just show the pictures next time.

  • A

    i think Justin Long is pretty hott.

  • Tyger Shark

    He’s been MACing that ass for months. Theres tons of videos online of them sucking face in restaurants all over the place. Justin has been tearing up the Silver Screen ever since his Dodgeballs hit the screen. Props for the pasty whiteboy for slurping up some ET box.

    I give it 3 more months before he realizes she’s still Josey Grossy.

  • hahaha drews hot!

  • me

    why do you bother blogging? you can barely string together a few words to form a sentence. your writing is totally incoherent and you’re a fucking moron. you should probably quit this shit and get back to delivering my pizza. but if you do decide to stick with it, atleast spend sometime reading through your shit before you post it. dumbass

  • “me” hater

    Hey “me”,

    I think you should be asking yourself why you bother blogging.

    Before you go around correcting every mistake that someone posts on a blog, maybe you should proof read your own entry. Maybe even start by going back to the third grade to learn correct punctuation. You should consider spending some time getting better directions to my house to pick up my trash. I left it on the curb for you last night. You’re the dumb ass. Get a fucking clue dipshit!!!

  • me

    yeh looking at the other comments it seems that most people agree with me.
    but good come back, you just basically re-wrote my post. WOW

  • grimoire

    what on earth was that description about? idiot.

  • Nope

    The guy who wrote this should go deliver pizzas, I agree.

  • Shark

    “me hater”, that was AWESOME!!! I totally agree with you.

  • fags

    You’re all a bunch of fags.

  • me

    thanks for the agreements!!!!
    you suck pizza boy

  • Drew Rocks. I would love to be the Mac guy….but i’m stuck on this PC 🙁

  • how can you NOT think this guy is funny…hes Dr. Lexus In this clip…

    “dont worry scroat, ah, there plenty of tard’s out there living normal lives. my 1st wife was tarded….shes a pilot now”