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Samantha Fox Donates Her Old Bra to Charity of the Day

If you’re wondering why it took me so long to update the site, it is is simple, my wife has been trying to have sex with me for the last 15 hours and I’ve been awake and trying to avoid it as best as I can.

Bitch is going through menopause, which for any average man, would mean he doesn’t have to bang his old withered vagina of a wife anymore and you’d think that now we can grow old together watching shows like Murder She Wrote or whatever the fuck menopausal people do.

Unfortunately for me, my wife is a greasy fat fuck and no matter how dried up she gets in theory, her body is always clammy or slippery to touch. Not to mention her vagina is so big you could store a pair of winter boots in there to warm them up and she wouldn’t even know, making her pretty easy to stick it in under all circumstances, so it turns out that even Menopause hates me.

Here are some pictures of the original big breasted UK Galmor model, Samantha Fox, the one who paved the way for people like Jordan and Abi Titmuss and all the other useless UK slags you’ve been jerking off to. She showed her tits in the 80s and I jerked off to them and now she’s menopausal and giving away her bra to charity because she doesn’t need it anymore, she’s upgraded to one of those skin color harnesses they only sell to elderly women at Sears….I guess to be fair she’s not that old….she just looks it….and that won’t stop you..

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  • LOL dude, your wifes lucky, she gets to chill with you all day.

    im sure shes a lovely lady.

    and Samantha Fox, wow, she sang in the 80’s didnt she?

  • kevahoo.com

    Another way for old celeb to get back to the center of attention!!!

  • kevahoo.com

    Ofcourse we should not forget that we had a great time when she was on top in 80s

  • David

    It would be nice if more celebrities auctioned their bras for charity. I hope your listening, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  • choosdad says:

    But look at her…. some 20 years later and she’s still smokin hot!!!!!!!

    I wouldn’t mind the chick that’s on Vegas, the one from that wrestling show back in the day. she’s had reduction surgery since that old show….