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Demi Moore is Living in the Past of the Day

There’s nothing wrong with people like Demi Moore who can’t deal with getting older, they just keep on holding onto their drowning youth as long as they fuckin’ can. It happens all the time in all walks for life with both men and women, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal that she’s hoping that no one notices that she isn’t that desirable young slut who Bruce Willis was making really fuckin’ ugly babies inside anymore, so she goes after the 25 year old boy toys, she gets 500,000 dollars of plastic surgery and now she brings out copies of her Vanity Fair cover from 1990 when she was naked, pregnant and more relevant in the world. A time before we knew her uterus was a fuckin’ wreck and made mutant babies, at least that’s the Rumer….

Seeing her sign her old Vanity Fair cover reminds me of the football quarterback in high school who is fat, divorced and living in a 1 bedroom apartment, lifting boxes in the warehouse now, but still brings his high school yearbook out to the bar to brag to the kids about his glory days when all the bitches wanted his dick….but now all he’s got is internet porn and hookers to love….

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  • her Va-jay-jay may make monsters but at least the doc didn’t fuck up her face

  • LOL u know its funny, those dudes who still are living out there glory days in NS are funny.

    there was a bit about that in Freaks And Geeks. it was quick, and it was funny.

    oh well, he can read his yearbook while hes pumping my fucking gas or selling me mcd’s.

  • Who Cares

    The writer on drunkenstepfather is just fucking hilarious.

  • Bob Smith

    The ironic part, is as old as she is, she looks a lot better than Lohan.

    Which tells you that Lindsay has a lot of miles on the chassis and motor.

  • frankin

    She is sexy. It is said that she is dating a billionaire online. He profile and photos are found on meetingwealthy.com.

  • K

    You’re getting older and ugly too dearie, just remember that. BTW, I’m dealing with getting older just fine, funny thing is, the young guys still check my small butt out as their drunken 22 year old girlfriends with size 10 asses make fools out of themselves. *smiles*

  • daisydreamer

    Demi’s got it All goin on! Work it girl. A Billionaire And a boy toy. Too bad about the mutant gene thing. Sometimes beauty skips a generation; giving hope to future BruceDemi offspring. Never met any of em. Would love to party with em though!