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Ivanka Trump is Boring as Fuck of the Day

Ivanka Trump is a rich chick who has had all the opportunities to be a normal twenty something rich party slut. She could have developed a drug or alcohol problem, a sex addiction or even flashed the camera a few times whether with upskirts, nipple slips, bikini action or even some fuckin’ cleavage. But instead, the only she gives us to work with is a face that’s seen one too many plastic surgeries and the ability to put any virile man to sleep with her boring choices of events to attend and clothes she wears to those events.

When I look at her, I think of a girl who has grown up way too fast for her own good, and I’m not talking about the kind of growing up too fast I like, with underage drinking, a sleazy career, more sexual partners than the average 40 year old and a couple abortions by the time she’s 18, I’m talking about turning into a 50 year old, soon to retire, educated career woman who hangs with other 50 year olds because they understand her.

She can play the whole not falling into the scene or taking advantage of the opportunities she has been given by fuckin’ around, but I think the reality of it all is that it’s a total fuckin’ waste of a good set of tits.

Here she is promoting some sort of golf products in her wool dress she borrowed from her born again Christian friend to depress you more that you already are.

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  • do u think if i hit that i could get that set of clubs shes got…i still dont have fairway woods and a putter…and its a bitch to put with my 11 degree driver.