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Athina Onassis is The Richest Ass in Leggings of the Day

Here is 25 year old Athina Onassis who was the only heir to that Greek shipping tycoon billionaire Onassis. She inherited something between 800 million and 2 billion dollars when she was 13, so she’s more than set for life for doing absolutely nothing but being born into the good life….and I guess we should all respect her for not being a try-hard idiot rich kid who craves attention and fame by making sex tapes by collectively masturbating to these pictures of her in leggings to turn her pictures into a common whore, something her good life probably doesn’t promote….cuz all ass deserves to be jerked off to no matter how flat or boring it may be….especially if it is all it takes to make the richest vagina who likes stayin’ classy to slum it up….

Pics via Bauer

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Lady Gaga is a Rich Kid Performing on GMTV of the Day

If you’re wondering why Lady Gaga wears this outrageous hipster lookin’ outfits you’d expect to see at some electro party in a warehouse, it is because she’s not a natural beauty, in fact, she’s not even an artificial beauty, her weak chin and asymmetrical face means you need to take a whole other approach to get people to swoon over you and think you’re someone they want to associate with and Gaga does it with attitude and crazy clothes.

I also found out that Lady Gaga is a rich kid. She went to the same high school as Caroline Kennedy and the Hilton sisters, and I never bothered looking her up before because of the whole weak chin thing. I guess I should have known she came from a rich family, you know lookin’ like that and having a career, only means one thing and that thing is that there is money behind her. The only thing coming out of the middle class or lower class is hot chicks that broke free, the ugly chicks who find fame are always rich, I mean otherwise they’d be working in cubicles hating their lonely lives wishing they could find a man to knock them up or some shit.

Either way, I should have known she was a rich kid though, I mean she always pushes this fashion and art thing. She always has to say how into art and fashion and music she is to make sure we don’t forget and confuse her for some kind of popstar and for the most part that repetition usually works and when people hear her name brought up they drop useless facts in conversation like “I hear she’s into fashion and art” eventually making us all forget that she’s a little rich kid trying too hard.

She’s even labeled her shitty pop music as it’s own genre of progressive electro pop or some shit, to keep the street cred she tried so hard to maintain all those nights spent in the Lower East Side listening to the best New York Electro DJs and fully absorbing herself into their world, by learning everything she could about the fashion and art to not seem like the fucking poser she is.

Truth is that it happens all the time, the rich become the fashion/art fanatics, because the poor are too busy being poor and having jobs to pay off debt and just don’t have time to try to find something real to identify with because we are already living it and like the rich kids, hate everything about our lives, but not able to find a way out because we’re trapped, but the rich can buy vintage clothes, go out on weeknights, take art classes, go to museums and openings with with other rich people who are trying to denounce being rich kids, and who end up producing random shit all day before getting their disappointed parents to bankroll their careers and nurture their talents leading to number one selling albums, popular t-shirt lines and celebrity DJ careers.

I don’t know if that rant makes sense, but to simplify it, the hipster electro scene is made up of rich kids trying to ignore being rich by living this bohemian cocaine fueled life where they are out in clubs every night, in ratty clothes, sucking dj dick and living in artist lofts, eventually getting daddy to invest in their side projects that they ripped off from a poor person, and he agrees because they dropped out of college and he doesn’t want embarrassing kids, that will lead to getting the same street cred as the real talent in the scene they’ve attached themselves to. Not that any of that matters, it’s just fucking lame.

Here are some pictures of her somewhere recent with stupid hair:

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Ivanka Trump and her Rich Girl Tits of the Day

I like rich girls. They are usually carefree, don’t give a fuck and less interested in looking for acceptance and more interested in being bad by fucking, getting drunk and doing drugs. You know, going against the grain because their entire life they’ve had to stay classy in front of people, so the second no one is watching they lose their shit.

I saw a relative of the Prime Minister of Canada out dancing on a pole this weekend, wasted, making out with random dudes and it was amazing. It’s the kind of behavior that you’d want from a rich girl. I am not saying that someone like Paris Hilton is of value to society or something I want to see other rich girls copying , since its embarrassing and takes away from the whole allure of fucking a rich girl’s face, when everyone in the world has already seen her get her face fucked, what I am saying is that behind closed doors, when no one is watching, rich girls are amazing.

Ivanka Trump defies all that because she looks fucking boring. She’s not acting crazy or ripping huge trust fund funded lines of cocaine naked in one of her dad’s luxury apartment developments, she looks like she goes home to read up on not sweating the small stuff and investing, and it’s a serious waste of the opportunities she has being who she is, but more importantly, it’s a waste of tit because she is stacked….

On a side note, I read on Perez Hilton that her mom’s 20 year old husband was on the Italian version of Survivor, and was caught fucking one of the contestants on Camera, maybe he could take Ivanka aside and teach her how to throw out her collection of designer turtle necks and pull that gold plated dildo out of her ass, and take advantage of the meal ticket God gave her to take advantage of….but he’ll probably be out of the picture as soon as that video hits the internet, so I guess there’s just no hope for her.

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Sophie Monk is Rich of the Day

Call me sexist, but I don’t think girls should drive expensive sports cars because they have a hard enough time driving everyday cars that putting that kind of horsepower under their vaginas is just asking for disaster and a very luxurious traffic jam caused by her multiple attempts at parallel parking the fuckin’ thing. The only stick a girl should be rockin’ is the one in her man’s pants and if she needs to get herself around to the grocery store, because that’s really the only time she should be let out of the house, she should take the fuckin’ bus. But if a bitch insists on having her own car because we live in a modern world where women don’t belong to men, there’s always the Smart Car or the Miata or a minivan to pick the kids up from soccer, but a Ferraris shouldn’t even be considered because it should be illegal for them to get behind the wheel.

Speaking of girls lookin’ retarded, I was just outside for about a minute to see if the world had been wiped out by some kind of natural disaster and to my disappointment it hadn’t but this really hot girl wearing the tightest little shorts and the tightest little top rolled by me. I felt like she was sent by god to bring joy to my life with her bounching braless breasts in a wifebeater, before realizing she was on a fucking skateboard, not the longboard kind that you see on the beach that everyone is using for transportation these days, but an actual skateboard like Tony Hawk would use and no matter how hot she was, her awkward balancing and use of the thing offended me so much that I couldn’t enjoy her the way she was meant to be enjoyed because of her stupid gender bending behavior because she feels the need to break barriers by using something made for boys badly and I felt like I was at the circus.

Either way, here are pictures of Sophie Monk and her weird lookin’ face I want to fuck shopping for luxury sports cars because she’s richer than us even though she’s barely done anything, proving that entertainment is a smart career choice if you’re lookin’ for one. She’s obviously trying to feed some emptiness caused by her future husband and lesbian lover from Good Charlotte cheating on her with Paris Hilton, which is usually something that leads other girls to suicide because that vagina bumpin’ by association is too close for comfort.

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Ivanka Trump is Boring as Fuck of the Day

Ivanka Trump is a rich chick who has had all the opportunities to be a normal twenty something rich party slut. She could have developed a drug or alcohol problem, a sex addiction or even flashed the camera a few times whether with upskirts, nipple slips, bikini action or even some fuckin’ cleavage. But instead, the only she gives us to work with is a face that’s seen one too many plastic surgeries and the ability to put any virile man to sleep with her boring choices of events to attend and clothes she wears to those events.

When I look at her, I think of a girl who has grown up way too fast for her own good, and I’m not talking about the kind of growing up too fast I like, with underage drinking, a sleazy career, more sexual partners than the average 40 year old and a couple abortions by the time she’s 18, I’m talking about turning into a 50 year old, soon to retire, educated career woman who hangs with other 50 year olds because they understand her.

She can play the whole not falling into the scene or taking advantage of the opportunities she has been given by fuckin’ around, but I think the reality of it all is that it’s a total fuckin’ waste of a good set of tits.

Here she is promoting some sort of golf products in her wool dress she borrowed from her born again Christian friend to depress you more that you already are.

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I am – Ivanka Trumps Rich Breasts of the Day


I think I may be in love with Ivanka Trump. Not because she is hot but because I fall in love every time I leave my house, which isn’t as often as it probably should be meaning I am forced into falling in love with girls on the computer who I don’t know and will never know, but not because she’s got it going on, or because she’s got huge tits but because she’s got a huge bank account, and like most whores out there, I am willing to Anna Nicole Smith her ass because it would make for a good retirement fund, unfortunately she’s not 90, she just acts that age by being all studious with her business degree and all career oriented when she could be out getting fucked on camera while high on cocaine she bought from Lohan.

Either way, I did decide to leave my house and I am sitting next to some dude who is trying to seduce his girlfriend. I can only assume she doesn’t give him enough blow jobs and he figures charming her with his stupidities will make her feel special enough to take his load on her face. He just told her that he’s never fallen in love with a chick before her and that they were just pussy to him, but she’s something special….what his girlfriend doesn’t realize is that he never fell in love with a chick before, because there were no chicks, just cut outs from magazines in his wallet and posters on his wall. I guess this is what it’ll be like when you get your first girlfriend, I should ask him if he’s one of my 5 readers because you guys are way too similar for him to not be.

Look at Ivanka’s tits. They are big and they are rich. Like my penis, only the complete opposite, if you know what I mean….

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