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Athina Onassis is The Richest Ass in Leggings of the Day

Here is 25 year old Athina Onassis who was the only heir to that Greek shipping tycoon billionaire Onassis. She inherited something between 800 million and 2 billion dollars when she was 13, so she’s more than set for life for doing absolutely nothing but being born into the good life….and I guess we should all respect her for not being a try-hard idiot rich kid who craves attention and fame by making sex tapes by collectively masturbating to these pictures of her in leggings to turn her pictures into a common whore, something her good life probably doesn’t promote….cuz all ass deserves to be jerked off to no matter how flat or boring it may be….especially if it is all it takes to make the richest vagina who likes stayin’ classy to slum it up….

Pics via Bauer

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