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Serena Williams in a Short Dress from HP of the Day

Serena Williams seems to be confusing being good at tennis with being good lookin’ enough to wear a miniskirt, I guess that’s the problem with being a champion, you’re ego and self esteem just go through the roof and you feel like nothing can stop you, at least I am assuming that’s the case, because I have never won anything and self-esteem has never really been my thing, I’ve preferred self medicating.

I can only assume that HP doesn’t want to sell many of these Notebook computers, instead they want to scare the public so that everytime the commercial starring Serena comes up we turn the shit off, change the channel, or start masturbating, since some of you are into that shit, forcing us to remember the product as visions of Serena appear everywhere we go, haunting out sleep, in magazines and on billboards until we buy the fuckin’ computer to shut the bitch up.

I guess what it comes down to, is that if I really wanted to see a big black guys in a short skirt, I’d just make my way over to my drag queen neighbor’s house. He always smells like freshly baked cookies and expensive perfume. I may not be into cross dressers, but they really do take pride in dressing up, like some kind of passion and you can’t turn a blind eye to passion, because it’s hard to ignore when there’s a dick in your ass.

I don’t know what I am talking about.

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  • Alessia

    This is very funny. Best post in three days. I hate waiting for your updates.

  • mee

    i agree you are dead right about everything you said
    i hate hp anyway and serena is confused in her mind maybe she looks good, she looks ugly period.

  • “He always smells like freshly baked cookies and expensive perfume.”

    LMFAO, that so funny i cant even have the disrespect to litter this post with a comment thats gonna come no where NEAR being as funny as that LMAO

  • BTW…

    Take Taye Diggs….add a wig…add some make up…you have…Serena Williams

  • Boob Guy

    wow. that is one freaky looking dude.

  • jerseydawg

    what a freaking gorilla!! super fug

  • Alderamin

    Are you people sure this is Serena Williams and not the female reincarnation of James Brown ???

  • Alessia

    Alderamin, you called it. I see young James Brown in header pic.

  • MissConfused

    bleh he’s too hunky to be wearing mini skirts

  • anonanon

    I think her body is rockin but the dress is awful- higher in the back than in the front. Also- orange, lumpy, shiny, with pull lines in the boob area. Also she needs some boob support too. She’s a gorgeous girl but this dress is doing her no favors.

  • anonanon

    By the way, Reese Witherspoon (another athletic bod) is also always caught looking odd in these roman/pleated whatever type dresses. Note to the fit: wear tailored clothes, people want to see your great body. You look wierd when you try to ‘soften’ it or hide it. Leave the drapey stuff to the willowy no muscled skinny people.

  • anonamoose

    That looks like when Barry Bonds dressed up in a wig and a dress.

  • A

    This is what a women should look like, look at all that thickness and ass. She is the sexiest black women on the planet

  • jj

    looks like evander holifield in a dress

  • jj

    sorry evander