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Kardashian Sisters Teach Their Young Sister About Her Period of the Day

I didn’t know that the Kardashians had a younger version, but then again I don’t watch the show and have pretty much no interest in this family, but thought it was funny that Kim Kardashian wasn’t teaching her sister about shoving things in her vagina or bleeding from her uterus because you’d think it was something she was good at, but instead she just sat there under her blanket like the diva cunt that she is. So if puberty is your fetish, this videos for you. I am just waking up and late as per usual, something Kim Kardashian is also probably used to and probably another reason why she doesn’t want to teach her sister about her body.

Bonus: Here are the Kardashian Sisters on Chelsea Lately Because I’ve Seen Her Show and She’s Kinda Funny even though I am too sad to laugh and expect to be on her show one day because she’s pretty low budget.

Part 2:

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  • The Whom?

    Will these whores ever go away? I bet their little sisters will become famous the same way. Only they will top it with mass orgy of dogs, goats, and hamsters.

  • dude, you being interviewed by Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately would be the fucking greatest shit EVER….

    you guys are the 2 best people working the celeb angle right now….

    if you find me an email addy to email her or her show or someone on her show, id be MORE than happy to send her the suggestion….

  • Palm Beach princess

    jesus, this is all it takes to become famous?!