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Miley Cyrus Showing Off Her Teenage Legs of the Day

I guess one of the good things about 15 year old girls is that they don’t have cellulite like they will when they actually become women, but they are so annoying when all they want to watch is Hannah Montana reruns, especially when they are Hannah Montana.

I don’t find anything appealing about these pictures, other than knowing that bitch is probably the next in line for an abortion at the on studio abortion clinic they are rockin’ over at Disney and this bitch and her crooked smile don’t have shit on the 15 year old girls I see out in clubs dancing on the bar like they were 25 and lookin’ for a one night stand because I was out at a bar this past weekend and this girl with braces walks up to the girl next to me and brags about how she got into the club and didn’t get carded, I turn to her and ask how old she is and she says 13 and runs off to a group of 16 year old dudes who pour Grey Goose down her throat and get her to flash them her panties and I realize that I was born in the wrong generation and Paris Hilton deserves a little more credit that she’s getting for breeding a generation of herpes by 14 that I won’t be a part of because I’m just too damn old and will just have to accept the fact that it’s yet another thing I’ve missed out on in my life which is just another example of how Paris Hilton contributed to my miserable life…..

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  • girl is a huge whore, if you dont think her and all 3 Jonas Brothers werent continually fucking each other during there tour your dilutted.

    which is funny cause she just keeps getting uglier and uglier and uglier….shes one of those girls at a young age who everyone tells them they are attractive and talented JUST to be nice….

    as for the Cellulite COmment…. guess you never saw those pictures of Stumpy Pantitrolle bending over that counter….bitch was liek 16 and nasty ass cellulite all over her ass and thighs ALREADY….

    god i hope the Hannah Montana fad dies before we have to look at what shes gonna look like at 18 19 20….shell be doing horror movies with NO make up….

  • tito jackson

    Shut the fuck up you retarded faggot!

  • hambone

    I don’t care how old she is, i’de lick her clit until she had an orgasm.

  • Punkrockgirlsouth

    she’s underage ass wipe!

  • john

    dude you are so off with the ugly thing give her like 2 3 years and she will be smokin hot hell when she had dark hair she was hot and looked olderkinda pornish though and i just turned 18 so im not a creep

  • joe

    everyone who left a commet would put it in her pooper. don’t front.

  • Gabriel

    At 15 she is very attractive and she is going to get hotter. She’s got such beautiful legs, it is hard not to look at them and hope she will spread them showing the most beautiful thing she has, “her vagina”.

  • PieIsGod

    First, I couldn’t even finish reading what the poster typed up. Um…punctuation much? Second she’s pretty, as long as she doesn’t make that face that makes her look like a squirrel. Third..crooked smile? I don’t see that in those pictures you posted. Lastly, the “fad” that you’re talking about is probably the same type of thing you yourself followed when you were around that age, so why not give up that front you’re putting up and admit you like the girl.

  • billy ocean

    You know that chick is doing it. I would love to tap that ass. This girl is going the way of britney and lindsay for sure.