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Miley Cyrus is an Annoying Cunt of the Day

Here’s a shitty fucking introduction to a Miley Cyrus performance at some Idol Charity Event that I can only assume happened because the show had a few minutes to kill and this is the only concept they came up with last minute and figured it’d be easy to execute since Billy Crystal had nothing else to do and hasn’t had anything to do in the last 5 years.

Basically the core of this comedic genius, is that they are playing up that Billy Crystal has no idea who she is and gets her name wrong and offers her career advice in some kind of shitty irony that makes stupid people laugh. All it really did was give her a great opportunity for to brag about her accomplishments as a number 1 movie as having to 2 number one albums all by the time she’s 15. I guess this proves that she’s the number one fifteen year old cunt out there and I don’t mean that she is best 15 year old pussy out of all the 15 year old pussies, I mean that she just thinks she is and that’s the whole fuckin’ problem with this bitch. The good news is that reality has a way of taking little assholes off their thrown and I am not sure when it will happen, but know that it will and that brings me satisfaction.

Here She Is Performing Her Bad Song Badly

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  • i wish i were 16 again, then I wouldnt get in (so much) trouble for touching her itty bitty tits…i miss junior high.

  • Jerry

    So young and she’s not shy either.I wish she was my stepdaughter and maybe she could buy me a new bass boat.

  • Billdozer

    at the end of naming off her accomplisments she should have said “I also have a black belt in karate”, then gave Billy Crystal a spinning back kick to the jaw and knocked him out.

  • Craig

    Can you sound more like a bitter misogynist? Shut your fucking mouth you old perv.

  • wow…that interview was so unfunny.

    Jesus is poor fucking a fat wife, and these 2 are millionares?

    what is wrong with society.

    i will give this ugly little whore some credit tho….even tho she cant sing worth a shit, at least she isnt lip syncing.

    and is anyone else scared to wonder what she is gonna sound like AFTER she finishes puberty?

    she ALREADY sounds like a man…WOW…

    “how long have you wanted to be on American Idol?”

    uh yeah hasnt that show only been on like 6 years?


    “Its the only thing i havent done”

    well i guess that anwsers the questions of weather shes a virgin, drank underage, did drugs, been in mutiple bukkake sessions, taking it in the ass, had sex with a horse, had sex with her family…

    nice to know Miley has done EVERYTHING Else the world has to offer….good, now do we think we can get her out of the spotlight please?

  • thrown = past tense of throw

    throne = where you’ll never get to sit if you neglect to use spell check

  • duke

    Dude, this is some seriously bad writing in this post. There are too many mistakes to list and they are quite obvious. I think you should edit it then repost.

  • ian

    you spelt throne wrong 🙂

  • sonia

    shut the fuck up, you fucking suck and your blog sucks too. you live a sad life.

  • Elle

    You called a someone who can’t even drive yet a cunt. Wow. You’re so powerful. Tool!

  • Billdozer

    Sonia, you are coming here and reading it so what does that say about your life and you’re all a bunch of cunts!

  • sonia is jut mad cuz she’s fat, she wrote another comment about cyrus family values that made me laugh – look for it

    with love,

    jesus martinez

  • chris

    lol jesus im sure she’s fat and ugly because thats what ugly girls tend to do..defend gorgeous girls. im assuming sonia is probably attractive and smart in order to defend miley cyrus. but then again a fucking retard who spends their time on jealousy and hating strangers they dont even know proves to be far more intelligent right? yeah i thought so. shut the fuck up.

  • Alix

    Thank you!

  • me

    Well, since she has done everything, lets get the little bitch off the stage, and let her go home and shut the fuck up now.

  • I think SOMEBODY has a crush.

  • Will Miley end up like Britney?

  • Sixpak

    What a piece of trailer trash, she’ll be spreading her legs in Playboy or Penthouse by the time she’s 18. By the time she’s 21, she’ll be fucked out sucked out and drugged out.

  • Beaver cleaver

    This is America . If you’re gonna cry like titty babies over something that’s been written here,then don’t read this shit. I think her dad is fucking her anyhow