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Tera Patrick and Some Lingerie Trashy Fashion Show of the Day

Tera Patrick and her wallet fucking ugly Jewish husband have a lingerie line and this is her classy fashion show starring pornstars in Vegas. It’s not all that hot but I figure you like porn stars and the lingerie they sell because they are pretty much the only girls willing to get naked for you and by you I mean anyone willing to buy their DVDs or download their pictures on the computer because I can’t imagine anyone paying for porn this generation. Trashy, tacky and very little clothes comes with the territory of being a slut but despite being cheesy people they look like they have more fun than me. The highlight of the video is when her pervert husband tries to lift up the host’s skirt and that’s when I realized that being a cheesy pervert, marrying a pornstar and fully absorbing yourself in this smutty lifestyle seems like a pretty good life, once you get past the fact that you’re lame, dress like a clown and have cheesy tattoos on your head to justify your balding Jewish accountant roots.

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  • LOL i cant say i dont agree with your assesment of Evan Seinfeld, just dont tell him i agreed…. i dont need the psyco biohazard fans trying to kick my ass…

    as for Tera, i saw her on an episode of a TV show and she was bicthing about something so inane, it REALLY made me hate her.

  • Schiefer

    Evan Seinfeld is a douche

  • Billdozer

    Dorthy mantooth is a saint!!!!

  • Dr.jerkenstein


  • BobRocks

    Sad to see Tera going the same route as Janine with the tats. Both of them get hooked up with these loser boyfriends and bam they ruin their perfect bodies.

  • fuckstik

    He is a heeb tool

  • Ralph K

    Nice antisemitism you jealous idiots

  • fuckstik

    Well, what do you want ? Most heebs are tools . Shameless self promoting money grubbing yids . A kike with a bunch of tats and a bandana on his jew head is still a kike .

  • Mike

    Why do you feel compelled to reference Tera’s husband as that “wallet fucking ugly Jewish husband”? Are you an anti-Semite?

  • lindsay

    NOBODY likes evan seinfeld. nobody. and when tera looks at him, she has stars in her eyes. its mind boggling because shes so gorgeous and hes sooo fucking nasty! thank god she divorced him! but he got used to the sleazy porn star life and now has a career (i guess) in the porn industry. anyways, i agree with the others-whats with all the anti-sematism? is it because they are GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE (confirmed in the bible) and are wealthy, successful and powerful? ha ha of course it is! thats EXACTLY why people dont like them! jealousy is a hellava thing!