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Anna Kournikova is a Jock Running a Marathon of the Day

I like girls who work out and have prison tattoos it reminds me of the army, not that I was ever in the army but I like to pretend I was when crawling through my neighbors window to steal his daughter’s panties. It’s makes the whole experience so much more fun, because I know he’s down on his luck and would sell me the shit if I just offered him a couple of bucks or some of my old empties, but the truth is it’s not as exciting as putting on war paint and a pair of cargo pants to really feel like my life has a purpose and that I am on some special operative sting.

Here are some pictures of Anna Kournikova showing off her fit body and prison tattoos while running a triathalong an that is a lot better than looking at a lazy Kim Kardashian sitting on her fat rich ass. Truth is that I am pretty envious of anyone who is even capable of walking up a flight of stairs without throwing up from exhaustion, like my wife usually does and soon I will be doing, because it turns out after living with someone for a long time, you pick up their disgusting habits, and my wife’s got a whole barrel of fucking disgusting that will lead to my early retirement from this life, unfortunately we won’t be having a party with a golden handsake, maybe just a golden shower all over my tombstone. I guess I have a lot in more in common with Kardashian than I thought….

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  • unnamed

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  • also unnamed

    How the fuck would someone here know if the shit YOU are reading is true or not? You found her blog, eh? Sounds to me like you’re going to know more about her than anyone else… Fuckin stalker…

  • “also unnamed”, I have to break it to you or anyone else who haven’t figured it out. This is something new that’s been cropping up this year. You’re replying to the latest version in spam comment bots, hence the website name drop always being mentioned.

  • Dickie Hateface

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    1) Prank call them endlessly. Make their number unusable.
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  • Billdozer

    I’m gonna print out a picture of her skinny ass and whack off to it, I should print out a lot cause I’m gonna ruin ’em.

  • SHE IS SO FUCKING HOT. I love tri chicks. they still have nice asses but they’ve got excellent stamina and sheen.

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