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Elisha Cuthbert Does Maxim Topless of the Day

Elisha Cuthbert did Maxim and looks good but I pretty much have no interest in this Cuthbert. She’s from Montreal but has denounced Montreal, which I totally understand but since she thinks she’s too good for the city, whenever she comes back to visit her family who still lives here she acts like she’s god’s gift to the city, like she’s the biggest export that everyone should acknowledge when all she’s really done is one stupid teen move and a job on 24 which to me is substantially less successful than other Montreal exports like Celine Dion that bitch is my hero.

What I was trying to do was reach out to her sister because I heard she was worth fucking and more accessible since she’s trying to break free from her sister’s shadow. Girls her feel less relevant than their sisters are always willing to suck dick because they feel they deserve the attention. I once knew these sisters who were both pretty slutty, but the one who killed herself was the one who wasn’t molested by her father. She always felt like a second rate citizen to her sister who was obviously more desirable, at least in her mind because their dad chose her and that left some serious emotional trauma. I like the think that the Cuthbert sister is up on the same shit, but instead of their dad choosing Elisha, the rest of the world has and that’s some pretty serious shit to try to live up to and that’s why I am willing to hold her hand through the hard times.

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  • drgirlfri3nd

    Really pretty girl; kinda boring photoshoot.

  • Carrie

    celine dion is not from montreal. quebec is a huge province, there’s more than just one city there.

  • justbrowsing

    Agreed. Very cute. Very sexy. Very weak photoshoot.

  • chas

    Not sexy anymore. Her face has gotten plump and her eyes have lost their sparkle.

  • gordon

    Woah, almost unrecognizable. She’s gotten the canadian disease… all our women get it. They start looking freaking ancient before their time. She’s clearly got it. Just look at the weathered ex-pornstar look she’s got now. Tell me she looks her age in any of these photos. Yeah, she’s under 25 btw.