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Heather Graham Airport Ass Grab of the Day

It was a nice day, so I kinda forgot to post these pictures of Heather Graham getting her ass grabbed in the airport because I chose getting drunk over sitting on my ass smelling the rotting pile of garbage that no one has or will take down unless I do it, which I won’t because I like the smell of garbage more than the smell of my wife.

I guess it’s nice to see a slut being treated like a slut in public, it really puts things in perspective and makes me realize that no matter how much money a bitch has, or how many dudes have jerked off to her in Boogie Nights, there will still be a dude who only hangs with her cuz he likes treating her like she’s a cheap hooker who’s already been paid. Enjoy.

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  • whotookmystapler

    why does her body look lumpy?

    I saw her in LA, walking down Wilshire, a few yrs back & she’s like 5′ tall. shrimpy.

  • 06han

    Her ass is so sexy. It is her stock in trade!!! ha ha ha ………. It is sid she is dating friends on a dating site called m e e t i n g w e a l t h y. What is she looking for there?

  • monkey

    it looks like she’s getting a little muffin top on her

  • john

    LOL, what sad bitter people you are! so you jackoff to her movies yet call her a whore for an assgrab by her BOYFRIEND. Time to leave mommies basement and touch a real woman boys.

  • Like you guys wouldn’t be grabbing her ass. It’s his job! You’re going to make her all uptight, and totally ruin her for me. Knock it off.