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The View Erotic Moment of the Day

So Whoopi didn’t bring the erotica today , which was too bad, because it’s the only shit that keeps me going. Thankfully, her celebrity impersonator/ understudy, or whatever you call the second rate black chick on the show did. Her name is Whoopi Junior and she’s got huge fucking tits, whines about her divorce and being a single mother all the time, she also spoke about having a lot of abortions in her lifetime because it’s her favored form of Birthcontrol , since she’s a slut with no morals and pretty much admitted to being my kind of girl. One who is fertile and likes getting fucked without condoms who is too scared to make a dude pull out because she’s just happy her ugly ass is getting some and is too insecure and scare to stop dude in the act and bring him back to the gross reality his horniness just made him dude, making him go soft and get the fuck out of there, even though pullin’ out and taking a load on your face is more entertaining and easier than killing off your potential offspring by ripping it out of your body….

Either was, she was braggin about her ass lift, because she has no booty and for a black chick that’s the equivalent of not having a vagina and she does a little booty shake to celebrate her new push up ass underwear before the Republican Elizabeth grabs her ass cheeks, because according to her annoying right winged, kill brown people mentality, grabbing another girl’s ass isn’t lesbianism as long as you don’t marry it because gay marriage is sent to us from Satan and Jesus would not approve.

I know this is second rate Whoopi erotica, but it’ll have to fuckin’ do….

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Heather Graham Airport Ass Grab of the Day

It was a nice day, so I kinda forgot to post these pictures of Heather Graham getting her ass grabbed in the airport because I chose getting drunk over sitting on my ass smelling the rotting pile of garbage that no one has or will take down unless I do it, which I won’t because I like the smell of garbage more than the smell of my wife.

I guess it’s nice to see a slut being treated like a slut in public, it really puts things in perspective and makes me realize that no matter how much money a bitch has, or how many dudes have jerked off to her in Boogie Nights, there will still be a dude who only hangs with her cuz he likes treating her like she’s a cheap hooker who’s already been paid. Enjoy.

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